New laws mean that pubs can stay open all day long. The average price of a house cost £60,000. The Duchess of York gives birth to Beatrice. 3 trains collide at Clapham killing 35 people and 167 workers are killed when the Piper Alpha oil platform explodes in the North Sea.



The Eurovision Song Contest arrives in Dublin and is won by Celine Dion who represented Switzerland. House Music continues to grow with the likes of Krush, Bomb the Base and The Beatmasters and Acid House making a number one with S-Express. Kylie Minogue made her music debut with 'I Should Be So Lucky' staying at number one for 5 weeks. This year saw lots of musical births with Adele, Jessie J and Tulisa all being born.



We saw the first of the Die Hard movies hit the big screen this year and Bob Hoskins was the voice of Eddie in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'. Tom Cruise works as a barman in Cocktail but the biggest movie of the year was Rain Man with Dustin Hoffman. We said goodbye to Kenneth Williams and welcomed Rupert Grint to the world.



We said goodbye to Benny and Miss Diane for the first time as Crossroads came to an end this year but welcomed London's Burning, Red Dwarf, You Bet and This Morning into our living rooms.

Do you remember 1988? Tell us below your memories from this year, or what your favourite toy or TV show?
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