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Bank Holiday Monday Breakfast Show Blog

Posted By Kevin Johns Monday, 9th April 2012 7:10am



On our After 8 competition win a Family Tickets for Heatheron Park

In which Welsh county will you find Heatherton Park?

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Win the fantastic new Katie Melua Album Secret Symphony just after 07.30

Here’s the question

In the 2005 Katy Melua song how many million bicycles were in Bejing?

A    Nine hundred

B    Nine thousand

C   Nine Million

Email Kev now or call 01792 893 031 after the news at 8am


Much respect for Christy Henry from San Diego gave birth to a baby boy in the front seat of a car driving 85 MPH!!

Christy went into labour around 2:00 in the morning and immediately woke her husband up to take her to the hospital.

As they sped down Interstate 5 in their Toyota RAV4, at speeds topping 85 MPH, Christy realized that the baby wasn’t going to wait…and delivered a 6 pound, 19-inch baby boy right then and there.

They did save the umbilical cord cutting until they arrived at the hospital.


Kate Middleton did it, Lizzie Bennet did it - even Madonna did it when she wed Guy Ritchie, whose ancestors include baronets.

But now it seems the age of the rags to riches fairytale is coming to an end, as a study shows today's brides are more likely to 'marry down' than to choose a husband with more wealth and social standing than they have

Official figures released last week revealed that 52 per cent of women aged 17-30 went into higher education, compared with 42 per cent of men - and their higher qualifications are gradually making a difference to their pay packets.

As a consequence, an increasing number of women have the economic means to marry someone who earns less than they do.

Did you know the best-selling shampoo in the world is Head & Shoulders? About 110 bottles of the anti- dandruff formula are sold every minute – 29 million a year



Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs have been digitally reduced for American magazines

The actress stars as a high-class escort in new TV show The Client List and poses in the trailers wearing a black satin dressing gown open to reveal a black plunge bra.

But TV mags have digitally reduced her DD bust. Jennifer admits she has started wearing sexier lingerie since filming the show.

She said: "I’ve learned how to wear lingerie better – sort of how to get into it faster, all of those things.

"Being so overtly sexy and provocative, that part of it is not something I’ve really put out there before.

"And it has been fun and exciting.”



No more Mrs Cole for Cheryl - she's dropping her surname.

Following in the footsteps of some of the world's greatest stars, the singer has decided to be known only as Cheryl on all future material, confirming that she has moved on from serial cheat Ashley Cole.

A source said she would not be removing Cole legally but wants to make a career statement, adding: "She's in a really good place at the moment and wants to take life by the balls.

"She can't wait to start performing live again and her new stage name has given her comeback an extra bit of spice."


 I name this baby...Superman. And another one...Gazza.

Oh, and let's call this little mite...Gandalf.

And why not throw in Arsenal for good measure!

All the above are British children's real first names – and they have all been given official blessing by our liberal authorities.

In Britain, all names, however ridiculous, are up for grabs.

Hence celebrities can bestow their children with the likes of Apple, Harper Seven, Zowie and Fifi Trixibelle.

So isn't it time we took a leaf out of baby naming books from other countries and make such monikers illegal?

Here are some of the worst offenders that have been officially BANNED in their own countries, but that any Tombola, Dickdastardly or Haribo could call their babies in Britain.

Lucifer, V8, Christ and Messiah are among the baby names rejected by New Zealand's department of internal affairs. Disappointed parents wishing to christen their offspring with numbers (89), letters (J, I, T) and punctuation marks (*) were also given short shrift.

Fish and Chips (twins), Yeah Detroit, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit also got the kybosh, though the New Zealand judges did allow Number 16 Bus Shelter and Violence.

• But the top of the NZ banned list must surely be Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii

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