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Automation and Local Programming

Automation - During daytime hours Swansea Sound is fully live and does not run automated programming.

Local Programming - We are locally programmed Monday to Friday 6am to 7pm. From 7pm until 10pm we feature 'All About The 80s' with Ray Rose. This originates from our network centre in Stoke On Trent. From 10pm until 6am programmes originate from our studios in Swansea. We feature Welsh programmes Mon-Friday from 10pm - midnight. We also feature Welsh on a Sunday evening from 7pm.

We run an automated locally produced programme overnight on Swansea Sound (1am-6am, until 7am on Sundays). In addition we run an automated locally produced programme 6pm - midnight Saturdays then midnight - 7am Sundays. Also, from 2pm until 4pm on Sundays. From 4pm until 7pm on Sunday we run a specially centrally Wireless produced Flashback Top 40 show hosted by David 'Kid 'Jensen

Charity Support

Each year The Station holds a number of events for its' Cash for Kids Appeal with a 8 hour on air auction which is usually held on the first weekend in December.

A number of locally based charities have received Money from the Cash for Kids Appeal including the children's wards of all of our local hospitals and local projects and schemes of Action for Children, Childline Cymru and NSPPCC Wales. We have also donated money to Stepping Stones, Welsh Dragons Burns Club, Friends of Clase, Ty Hafan, Swansea NPT Crossroads and many more. 

Swansea Sound also holds an annual Cash for Kids Ball around October.


News Bulletin Schedule: Local, National 

7am /8am/ 9am/ 10am/11am/ 12 noon/1pm / 2pm/ 3pm / 4pm/5pm/ 6pm bulletins are 3 minutes in duration. Their content is 70% local with national and international stories

News Headlines and Sport bulletins feature weekdays at 6.30am,7.30am, 8.30am then again at 4.30pm & 5.30pm
6pm & 7pm we feature news presented in Welsh with English headlines. 10pm - 6am  - SKY/IRN News - UK wide news


News Editor -  Emma Grant

Our News Editor Emma Grant started out in radio as an 18 year old making cups of tea for Swansea Sound's overnight presenters. She's had some amazing experiences and reveals her favourite moments.

I don't get phased by too many people and I very rarely get lost for words but being in the presence of Nelson Mandela during the 1998 European Summit in Cardiff left me speechless. There have been some pretty historic occasions like interviewing Tony Blair when he became PM and in 2010 I spoke to Gordon Brown during a visit to Llanelli and just before he exited Number 10.

In terms of the surreal, hitching a lift with Jazz supremo Larry Adler to a gig being hosted by Tom Jones and Kelly Jones has to be up there as one of the more unusual events in my career. From interviewing Blue fresh from their Eurovision Song Contest bid-Mel C at the height of the Spice Girls fame, to reading a news bulletin sitting next to former boxer Joe Calzaghe- the job is far from mundane.

I have been on drugs busts with South Wales Police, covered some of the most high profile court cases and secured some exclusive stories along the way. I was an Assembly correspondent at the start of devolution in Wales. Over the years I have covered many issues from the Welsh Budget to following campaigners to the Senedd as they lobby AM's over school closures.

Being a journalist has also given me the chance to meet some pretty extraordinary people who go that extra mile each day to make a difference in their local community.

I studied Journalism, Film and Broadcasting at Cardiff University and followed that up with an NCTBJ Post Graduate Diploma at Highbury College. My news reading voice was helped along by vocal coach Kate Firth. She worked with her brother actor Colin Firth on The King's Speech.


News Journalist - Claire Pearson

Claire presents the news and sport on Swansea Sound and The Wave.

I'm a Swansea girl, originally from Morriston but now living in Killay with my husband Andy and our two teenage children Evan and Millie, who're both in Olchfa.

I've had a yo-yo career within Swansea's media. Some older listeners might remember me broadcasting for Swansea Sound in the early 90s, before I was married (I was then known as Claire Tasker!)

I then spent the next 17 years working at the South Wales Evening Post, on its newsdesk and later as a sub-editor and proof reader.

There are plenty of great newspaper memories; flying down to the Falklands with the Welsh Guards to mark the 10th anniversary of the Falklands War and driving to Romania as part of an aid convoy ... one of life's most humbling experiences.

But I'm now back in radio land and loving it! What better way to earn a living than bringing you news about our politicians, sports stars, actors and popstars.


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If you have a complaint please click here http://www.swanseasound.co.uk/info/ to go to stations contacts.

Alternatively contact Ofcom here http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/tell-us/tv-and-radio/ 

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