How your money helps






£10,000 – paid

Regular primary beneficiary



£2,000 – paid

Funding has been stopped by local council, received a desperate plea for funds.


Ellie Morgan

£1,500 – paid

Little Ellie has cerebral palsy, this donation will help fund private medical assessments in Bristol to ascertain whether she will be able to undergo the life changing surgery  on her legs to enable her to walk.


Aaron Irvine Appeal

£1,000 – paid

5 year old Aaron has Tuberous Sclerosis, a genetic disorder which means he has tumours on his heart and brain which causes regular epileptic seizures.   His condition means he has a mental age of 4 months so has severe learning disabilities.  His parents are fundraising for the £5000 deposit needed towards a vehicle to meet his needs and for their garden to be made suitable for wheelchair access. 


Hayley’s Wish (for Ty Hafan)

£1,000 – paid

Michelle & Charlene started to raise funds for Ty Hafan in memory of the daughter (Hayley Walsh) of a good friend.  Hayley had rare Infantitis Disease, a condition of the nervous system which progressively deprives movement and brain function.  Sadly, she passed away when she was 7 years old.  Ty Hafan provided invaluable care to Hayley and her family. 


Lolly for Evan & Oli

£2,000 - paid

7 year old twins, Evan & Oli were born prematurely and have suffered complications ever since.  Oliver is completely dependent for all his needs whereas Evan goes to mainstream school but is unable to walk unaided.  A donation will help both brothers and will contribute to Evan’s life-changing surgery to help him walk. 


Zac Griffiths

£1,000 - paid

2 year old Zac has Angelman Syndrome, a rare neuro genetic condition which affects 1 in 15,000.  He will never speak; will have severe problems with balance and co-ordination, epilepsy, learning and memory difficulties, feeding problems and more.  Zac’s Dad, Ian is fundraising to aid research in the hope that one day there’ll be a cure.  It’s estimated that a cure can be achieved in 10 years’ time.


Candy Free Kids

£1,000 – paid

Beneficiary for the past 3 years, this is a children’s Diabetes Support Group for Swansea & District


Hands Up For Downs

£1,000 – paid

First time application to the appeal.  This is a support group set up in the Swansea area for families who have children with Down’s Syndrome.  They provide some much needed speech and language group therapy sessions as local provision is very limited.


Barnardo’s Cymru

£2,000 – paid

The Invisible Walls Project brings together skilled professionals to work directly with referred prisoners and their families at the Family Intervention Unit at Parc Prison, Bridgend.  The project supports families in the community affected by imprisonment and helps prisoners with their social and community inclusion skills when they are about to be released. 


Whitestone Primary School

£1000 – paid

The school has two specialist teaching facilities; the money would be used to develop a woodland trail within the school grounds that would be of benefit to the whole school. 


Clase Primary School


£1,000 – paid

To help fund a school trip at the end of each half term for the school’s Nurture Group - this provides a safe, cosy place for a small group of children who find being in school challenging, confusing or unsettling for a variety of reasons.  The trips will be planned specifically to allow the children opportunities to practice the social and communications skills that they have been working on in real-life situations as well as developing the pupil’s self-esteem.  Parents will also be invited along to help support their children.


The Play & Leisure Opportunity Library

£1,000 – paid

A registered charity providing specialist toys & leisure equipment for children and adults with a disability in a lending library service.  A unique project in Wales run by a small team based at Old Cwm School in Bonymaen.  Beneficiaries in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


Hands for Alan

Waiting to hear from Hannah Jones)


£1,000 – paid

9 year old Alan Jones from Loughor had open heart surgery when he was 2 and while recovering caught an infection, his heart worked so hard it couldn’t work hard enough to provide blood flow to his hands, and so they were amputated when he was 3.  Although he struggles, he takes each day as it comes and always has a smile on his face.  His family is fundraising to raise £60,000 needed to provide him with “bionic” hands.


2 Wish Upon A Star

£1000 - paid

Charity set up to help bereaved parents after the sudden and traumatic loss of a child.  After George passed away suddenly, one week after his first birthday, his Dad, unable to cope and feeling guilty that he wasn’t able to save his baby, took his own life, leaving behind his wife Rhian and two other children.  Rhian has set up this charity aiming to provide a counselling and bereavement service for parents and siblings in each A&E Department -  http://www.2wishuponastar.org/

Here’s a link to their story, be warned, I found it very difficult viewing.


Josh’s Fund (Hear My Voice)

£1000 – paid

A few months ago I asked if we could make a donation to Josh’s fund (Hear My Voice) – as we prepare for Part II of the campaign just wondering if we can firm this up. Josh’s parents are Cheryl and Michael – 07901 754 265 – 84, Oak Street, Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd CF37 5SD


Freya Bevan Fund

The contact for this is Liz at The Freya Bevan Fund - 07557 529176  liz.swaltd@hotmail.co.uk



£1000 – paid

2 year old Freya has a brain tumour, treatment for which isn’t available in the UK.  Lots of local and well publicised fundraising has meant Freya can undergo proton treatment abroad.

Layla Jenkins Buggy Fund

(Huw Jenkins)

£1000 - paid


27 month old Layla has hypomobility syndrome which prevents her from walking, as well as other medical conditions which hamper her movement.   She moves around her home using a small plastic chair.  Family is fundraising to buy her a specialist walking buggy which will help her mobility.


The Ethan Perkins Trust

£1000 – paid

Charity set up in Ethan’s memory to help research brain tumours in children.   Beneficiaries in 2010/11/12.


Rhianna Chellew Appeal

£1000 – paid

Rhianna – recently diagnosed with a brain stem glioma (tumour) and undergoing radiotherapy at the Heath in Cardiff, local fund has been set up to help support the family with travelling back and forth from Cardiff and Bristol during her treatment and for future expenses such a wheelchair.  Lots of local fundraising events have been organised.


Welsh Dragon Burns Club

£1000 - paid

Based at Morriston Hospital and run by volunteers, it provides support to children and their families who have survived burns, building their confidence and self esteem.