Neath Actress Trolled

Rebecca Craven is an actress from Neath who played a bully in Waterloo Road. Her character Rhiannon was a "troubled soul" who launched a hate campaign against a fellow pupil.

Rebecca is really excited to be involved with our Hear My Voice campaign. Since playing Rhiannon she has been very vocal about bullying and offered advice via her blog on ways to tackle the problem.

She says "It's an important issue to highlight and it's something that happens every day but which I feel people turn a blind eye because it occurs so often.

"I hope 'Hear My Voice' will make people realise how hurtful bullying is and anyone who is a victim of it, will have the courage to speak up and get help."

Our reporter Emma Williams spoke to Rebecca about playing Rhiannon and how she was targeted on social media because of the character.

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