Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice (R.P.) is an approach which encourages children and adults to take responsibility for their actions.

Swansea Council became one of the first UK authorities to adopt the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. This means they have committed to pay due regard to the rights of the child when making decisions.

Restorative Practice has been used effectively in the youth justice system in Swansea for some years. It is now being used in local schools and focuses on resolving conflicts at the earliest possible stage. It seeks to avoid blame and aims to support people to enable them to take responsibility for finding a constructive solution to issues.

R.P. Project Manager Hilary Davies has told us "the long-term aim is for all those who work with children, young people and their families in Swansea to use Restorative Practice. In the short-term Swansea Council's team are concentrating on training the workforce and improving practice in Swansea's poorest communities."

One young Swansea girl is particularly keen to highlight the benefits of Restorative Practice. She does not want to be identified, so her aunt has agreed to talk about how R.P. has changed her niece's life.


Restorative Practice - Quotes from pupils

"It's better than the old way, where we just argued."

"It's more controlled."

"You have to listen to the other side of the story."

Gwyrosydd Primary School, Year 6 pupils

"The process is very fair."

Pupil from Seaview Primary after being involved in a check-in circle

Restorative Practice (in practice!) - Quotes from teachers

"I've noticed now, that even the quiet kids are speaking in the circle."

Seaview Primary School

"The way I have changed my questioning has had a real positive effect on behavioural problems within the school.....Any problems or arguments are sorted through discussion. Children feel they are being listened to and will take responsibility for their actions."

Karen David, Townhill Primary School

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