Meeting Called Over County Lines Fears

Residents invite councillors and police to discuss drug problems

A second public meeting is being held in Llanelli later to discuss the problem of drugs caused by county lines crime.

Residents in Seaside have taken action claiming the problem is escalating in their community.

County councillors, town councillors, housing associations, council housing officers and police representatives have all been invited to attend.

One of the organisers, Amanda Carter, said: "This will be the follow up community public meeting to the one which was held on the 1st April where over 100 people attended.

"Even though we have had a lot of police raids lately following our first meeting, the community are still living in fear and don't know what's going to happen next. They are waiting for it to start all over again.
"The individuals involved in certain drugs and anti social behaviour are still residents in the affected areas.

"The local children's park is a worry as we don't want repeated incidents like we have had for the last few years.

"Children and their families should be allowed to enjoy the open spaces and our elderly should be allowed to live their lives in peace."

Tonight's meeting is being held at Seaside Sports & Social Club at 6.30pm.

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