Engineers Develop Concept For Use of Diving Kit In Oxygen Therapy

A brother and sister who work in the steel and oil industries have combined their engineering skills and knowledge of diving to help in the fight against Covid-19.

At the start of the crisis Susan Jones from Tata Steel and her brother Ian, who lives in Australia, were talking about how their diving kit could potentially help those recovering from the virus. Their conversation was sparked following a rise in concern about the level of breathing equipment available in the UK.

Ian came up with the original concept and design for Oxysai - which was then made into a 3-D prototype by physics major Aren Casey Leishman.

Susan and Ian initially shared the idea with frontline health specialists dealing with the crisis in a bid to get feedback. They had a very positive response. Although this has not been tested yet in a medical setting -  the concept has been forwarded to aid agencies, so they might consider this if they need alternative ways of oxygenating patients in more remote areas.

LISTEN to interview with Ian who explains what Oxysai is and how it works: 

Thousands of businesses across Wales have proved vital in the fight  against Covid-19. We have seen many firms turning their production line over to making hand sanitiser, building face masks and sewing scrubs.

Susan who works across Tata Steel's sites  in Port Talbot and Llanwern says it's been really inspiring to see how the company she works for is supporting the local community during this crisis.

LISTEN to interview here:


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