Swansea Man Launches His Own CBD Brand

A father of two has told us how it's changed his and his daughters lives.

Adrian Bennett has ADHD and Kezzy and Ella have spectrum disorder.

The father of two was looking for something to improve their health and wellbeing and went to America to find out about the science of CBD.

He has friends in California and now travels monthly to Oregon where he is involved with the growing of crops at one of the farms there.

Adrian also oversees the product development process at three other farms. They grow hemp and cannabis plants for medical products without intoxicating effects.

A few months ago he launched his own brand Re-Treat CBD and has a shop at Swansea Market and online store. He's also looking to expand overseas.

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Adrian told us people use CBD for:

* Reducing inflammation
* Pain relief
* Stress and anxiety
* A restful night sleep
* Controlling and reducing seizures
* Eczema
* Psoriasis
* Tattoo aftercare
* Promoting bone growth


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