Thousands more in Wales advised to shield during pandemic

CMO for Wales will write to around 21,000 with advice to shield for 12 weeks.

Around 21,000 patients have been added to the list of Shielded Patients in Wales who are set to receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer for Wales this week.

In line with the initial 12 week shielding advice issued in late March, the latest letters advise people to shield until at least 15 June 2020.

It brings the number of people advised to shield themselves against COVID 19 here to around 121 thousand.

Its after the four UK Chief Medical Officers recently agreed that all those on kidney dialysis should be advised to shield.

A statement from the Welsh Health Secretary Vaughan Gething said:

“We anticipate this process will be completed this week and any further patients identified will also receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer. The list of high risk conditions is under constant review and we are following the latest scientific and medical advice to ensure we have identified and contacted everyone who needs to be shielding.

“ Given the severe nature of the measures those who are shielding must take – self-isolation for 12 weeks which includes reducing all non-essential contact with other household members – it is important only those are classed as high risk are added to it.”

Further advice will be issued before 15 June 2020 telling those who are shielding what to do next.

Local authorities and the major food retailers will receive the updated Welsh Shielded Patient List at the same time so that the additional people identified can access the support being provided.

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