Ups And Downs Of Being Dylan's Son-In-Law

Trefor and his daughter Hannah in Laugharne

Dylan Thomas' son-in-law Trefor Ellis kept the packed audience at the poet's birthplace in Uplands on the edge of their seats on Friday night.

Trefor was married to Thomas' daughter Aeronwy for over thirty years and has been in a unique position to observe a family living in the shadow of the celebrity writer who died in 1953 in his illustrated talk - the Ups and Downs of being Dylan's Son-in-law - at the Dylan Thomas Birthplace.
Over the years his wife championed the life and work of her father Dylan who died when she was ten years old and her mother Caitlin with whom she went to live in Italy. Trefor and Aeronwy met on a choir tour of Canada and they have two children with Hannah continuing the work of her mother since her death in 2009. 
Said Geoff Haden from the Birthplace "Aeronwy opened the restored Birthplace in 2008 and it is fitting that the talk is in the front parlour of the birthplace of the poet and writer who wrote two thirds of his published work during his 23  years living in the house."


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