Wales and Scotland Unite in Brexit Debate

'No deal outcome would be completely unacceptable'

The Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament will today simultaneously debate and vote on a motion declaring opposition to the EU exit deal agreed by the UK Government. 
The motion states that a no deal outcome would be completely unacceptable and calls on the UK Government to take immediate steps to prevent this and extend Article 50 so that agreement can be reached on the best way forward to protect the interests of Wales, Scotland and the whole of the UK. 
First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, said: “Today, for the first time in the 20 year history of devolution, the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament will simultaneously debate and vote on the same motion. 
“In taking this historical step, we and our friends in Scotland hope to send a clear and united message to the UK Government that action must be taken now to rule out a no deal outcome at any time.
“By failing to do so the UK Government is acting recklessly. The implications of a no deal are happening now, with investors like Honda and Nissan pulling out of the UK or cancelling investment plans. The impacts will get worse every day the uncertainty is allowed to continue.
“We are just 24 days away from crashing out of the EU. The Prime Minister can and must take action to remove this risk. I hope today’s joint debate and votes will place further pressure on the Prime Minister to do the right thing.”

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