Wales Gets £475million to Fight Pandemic

Devolved nations to share £1.5billion to battle Coronavirus

UK Government will provide at least £1.5 billion to the devolved administrations for their COVID-19 response.

This means £780 million for the Scottish Government, £475 million for the Welsh Government and £260 million for the Northern Ireland Executive.
This adds to the support people across the country will receive through UK-wide measures tackling the impact of COVID-19 including extending Statutory Sick Pay.

The Devolved Administrations will receive at least £1.5 billion from the UK Government to make sure they have the resources they need to support people and businesses through COVID-19. This will mean they can increase funding for the NHS and provide grants to businesses.

Through the £1.5 billion package, the Scottish Government will receive £780 million, the Welsh Government £475 million and the Northern Ireland Executive £260 million – worked out through the Barnett formula.

This funding is in addition to the UK-wide support that people in all four corners of the country will receive from the UK Government. This includes extending Statutory Sick Pay, making it easier and quicker to access benefits, and providing a Business Interruption Loan Scheme, among other measures.

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, said: “We will do what is right to help businesses and individuals in every part of the UK. That is why we announced a special funding package at the Budget last week to support those affected by COVID19.

“Today I am confirming this additional funding that will ensure the devolved administrations can support vulnerable people, businesses and vital public services, including the NHS, in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Secretary of State for Wales, Simon Hart, said: “The UK Government will do everything possible to help individuals, business and communities across Wales which are being affected by coronavirus.

“Following the response package announced in the Budget last week, nearly half a billion pounds is now being allocated by the UK Government to help the Welsh Government meet this exceptional challenge and we will continue to work closely with the Welsh Government to ensure the money reaches those who need it.”

This £1.5 billion announcement is part of the £12 billion response plan announced last week to support public services, people and businesses through the disruption caused by COVID-19. This included a £5 billion COVID-19 Response Fund for the NHS and public services, a £500 million local authority hardship fund, business rates reliefs and £3,000 grants for the smallest businesses - all of which cover devolved policy areas meaning additional funding is being made available for the devolved administrations.

The UK government will continue to work closely with the devolved administrations as the situation develops to ensure they have the funding needed to tackle the impacts of COVID-19.

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