Warning After Dog Dies After Eating Rat Poison On Walk In Swansea Park

The Williams family are devastated after Bailey died whilst being walked in the Swansea area.

We contacted her owners after hearing about the incident. Claire Williams was told by her vet that he thought the dog had died after eating rat poison. She believes someone left it in Clyne Park or the local woods on purpose.

She told us: "I'd rather other people were warned. It's just such a shock and so sad. It happened so quickly that she couldn't be saved. Our hearts are broken as only the evening before she showed symptoms, she was loving life bombing around the gardens and woods like a puppy. She was very fit and happy- we loved her so much. She was off her food but she's often eating something, being greedy, so we're used to her having a bad belly.  Through that night she deteriorated quickly and passed away in the vets. We are so devastated."



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