Welsh children to be first in UK to have their say on impact of Coronavirus

A new survey is being launched today to find out how the lives of 7-18 year-olds have been hit

Young people in Wales are getting the chance to air their views and opinions on the coronavirus pandemic.

The Welsh Government has teamed up with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales and Welsh Youth Parliament to create the survey -which they say makes them the first government in the UK to formally seek the views of Children and young people

The “Coronavirus and Me”survey is open to 7 to 18 year-olds and covers issues such as their health, education, and the impact on their social lives.

The results will help to inform the Welsh Government’s approach to working with and communicating to Wales’ younger generation during and beyond the pandemic.

To enable a diverse range of children and young people to take part - including children under 7 and those with additional support needs - a symbols version of the survey is available as well as picture activity task as an alternative of filling out the text version of the survey.

Welsh Youth Parliament Member Jonathon Dawes, who represents the Vale of Clwyd, is encouraging young people to take the opportunity to have their voices heard. Jonathon said:

“Coronavirus is presenting many challenges for young people the length and breadth of Wales, ranging from employment to mental health. Have your say by participating in our survey in collaboration with the Welsh Government and the Children's Commissioner to ensure your voice is heard.”

Finlay Bertram, Welsh Youth Parliament Member for Newport West, added:

“We want all young people to have your say on this extremely important topic which affects us all.”

The Deputy Minister for Health and Social Services, Julie Morgan, said:

“Your thoughts, views and experiences are really important which is why I want to hear from as many of you as possible. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and help us to support you.”

Children’s Commissioner for Wales, Professor Sally Holland, said:

“Children and young people’s lives were changed overnight when schools, nurseries, colleges and playgrounds were closed. One of my main priorities is to make sure that children and young people don’t become invisible during this pandemic. I want to make sure that this nation-wide survey will really shape Welsh Government’s thinking and actions.”

The survey will be widely promoted through social media, partnership networks and the Welsh Government’s Hwb website.

The survey is accessible here: www.childcomwales.org.uk/coronavirusandme

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