Welsh sanctuary offer for bullied ape

The team from Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary in Abercrave are hoping to rescue a bonobo from a zoo in Germany.

A video's gone viral of ten year old Bili the Bonobo being attacked by a group of apes he's been placed with.

Jan Green from the Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary in Abercrave (pictured above and below) said they want him to make a home there:

"We have offered him a home - we're the only people who've offered him a home.

And he'd be safe here and he'd be rehabilitated. Because he's clearly terrified, and he's injured."

Jan said Bili should never have been put in the German group:

"In the wild Bonobos are quite peaceful but this is captivity, and a ten year-old male has been transferred to a mixed group with a baby in the group. So they're just attacking him all of the time. He's had part of his ears bitten off, he's got fingers missing and a toe missing."

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