And The Next Bond is....Female?

There’s a question doing the rounds at the moment which has got Britain scratching its head, Europe even. No, make that the World. It’s got nothing to do with Brexit, yep collective sighs all round. It’s got nothing to do with England losing the Ashes to Australia either. Hang on, those sighs are back, well they are with me anyway! No, it’s all to do with the Master of espionage, fast cars, exotic locations and swanky gadgets. I’m talking of course of James Bond. Roger Moore was my fave, just for the record. Pierce Brosnan, former Bond himself, has suggested the next 007 should definitely be a woman. He said “I think we’ve watched the guys do it for the last 40 years. Get out of the way guys and put a woman up there”!

So I thought this very thought needed to be put to the only poll that matters. The Swansea Sound Drivetime audience. And on Monday’s show we were inundated with your responses.

Tom was all for it. “The franchise needs a massive overhaul. A female bond could be exactly what it needs and opens the door to some exciting new possibilities” he said. But Joanne gave the idea a big thumbs down. As she said “nope, I’ve just had this argument in the house with my daughter. I'm all for equality but James Bond 007 is a man and should stay a man”.

Karen was already writing the next Bond script. “We had a female Doctor Who so why not, and maybe the male that she falls for could be Tom Hardy”!  And then we had this from Sharon “I think a female Bond could be more cold, calculated and vicious”!

Luke asked why make Bond female? He suggested to just make a new female 00 film then have them both in a new film together. There's your trilogy he said, and it keeps Bond fresh and paves the way for new 00 films and as Marvel and the Avengers have proven it can be done. Paul was adamant - “Definitely not. He's written as a male. What next??? A female Sherlock Holmes? Have a female agent but a different one to Bond.

What was interesting is that many of the ladies responding to this earlier actually said the next Bond should not be female, and I tend to agree. The overall people’s verdict then on this very question today was that the next Bond shouldn’t be female, by around 65% to 35% in favour. Though this did come with caveats, such as Bond gets a new female agent partner for example. So Bond stays male for the foreseeable future but who knows what the longer term future holds?


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