Dave, The New Dad!

The plan was to write this quick blog last week when I returned to work, but lots of plans have gone by the wayside recently, with good reason though it has to be said.  If you’re a regular listener to my weekday Drivetime programme and perhaps follow me on social media, you’ll know I became a dad back in November. November 21st to be exact. Though it shouldn’t have been that date. It should have been December 5th but babies have other ideas. 

If they decide they’re arriving early there’s very little you can do about it. And that was the situation that Helen and I faced a few weeks ago. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the smoothest of pregnancies for Helen. Back in June she suffered from a herniated disc in her lower back that actually put her in hospital for a few weeks. And then there were the ups and downs of going through the proceeding months with one week being given good news that the little one was coming on fine, followed by instances of being given news we didn’t want to hear. In fact there was a time back in May where we both felt we were nearing a point where we’d both need to sit down and ask ourselves some serious questions.

Thankfully with time though we navigated these difficult situations and came through the other side. To get to where we are now has taken a helping hand from science too. For any parent who’s gone through or is currently going through the IVF process you’ll know and understand exactly where I’m coming from. 

The plan is to write a book eventually on this journey that Helen and I have taken simply because it can help others and it can remind you of what you’ve gone through, because at the time I really don’t think you fully appreciate what you’re going through and the experiences you have. For now though we’re just blessed and extremely lucky to have William Dewi in the world, keeping mum and dad awake, and on their toes. As I write this, today (Monday), he was officially registered as a fully paid up member of the Planet Earth Club. Of course at the moment he’s completely oblivious to what’s been going on but with time he’ll get to hear all about his story.