DIY - I've Started But I May Not Finish!

My dad love him was the worst, in a funny sort of way. Im talking about completing DIY jobs long after he’d started them. Thinking back it was 5 weeks to repair a leaky tap; 2 months to sand down an old table; 6 weeks to paint a wall, you get my drift. But it was my mum’s exasperation that provided the narrative for this never-ending sequence of jobs to be finished, that really never were.

Bank Holiday weekends seem to be the ideal time to get those jobs around the house done. And the weekends in May, both at the start and end of the month will once again be occupied with thousands of haggered dads, husbands and partners striving to finish those pesky tasks that they didn’t really want to start, but thought they better had to make themselves useful.

My mind wanders back several years to a mate of mine who I’ve known years and shall remain nameless for issues of embarrassment or the likelihood of having his leg pulled so much he’d end up walking with a serious limp.  He’d brought a property that had come complete with a battered old greenhouse that housed an old water tank in the corner.  It was said mate’s intention to remove the tank from the greenhouse and dispose of it at the local tip. Well, that was the plan at the time.

3 months after moving in, the tank was still there. “Oh its definitely being removed” said my mate after I noticed it hadn’t moved. A further 3 months on it had moved. To the front of the greenhouse! Meaning you couldn’t get in there. Anyway, virtually a year to the day of him moving in to his new property, the water tank which was more battered than the greenhouse, was finally disposed. On Thursday’s Drivetime, you told us of your own examples of the longest running unfinished bit of DIY. I think Glyn wins it…...

Anne told us that she asked her hubby Tony to fix their shed door handle when it became loose. That was back in March last year and it’s still waiting to be fixed.

Then there was Cheryl who said “we were in the process of extending our garage to include an Annex where we could store the Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer. That job started in June 2017 and it’ll be 2 years in a couple of weeks time since any work was done or completed.

Its taken Avril and her other half 2 days to make a gate and put it up, but we think that’s actually good going. Its certainly nothing like Glyn’s example. It’s taken him 20 years to sort his garden out!

If you’re DIYing across the Bank Holiday weekend then I can safely say I’m not in the slightly bit envious of you.


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