Harry The Jungle King

To be honest I'm not one who's big on reality tv. That's not to say I haven't got a clue what's going with reality shows because I read the papers, I'm on social media and see clips, and admittedly I'll sit down and watch the odd show here and there. The Apprentice is probably the show I'll sit and watch through the entire series, though that's only to see if Lord Sugar's trusted Lieutennant Claude Littner breaks into a smile!  However, I've watched this series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Why? Because, and I truly believe this, its provided a welcome distraction away from the political shenanigans that's been plaguing the Country for the last couple of years.

For a start back at the beginning of the show 3 weeks ago we were asking how would Holly fit in alongside Dec? How would the campmates all get on? Who'd fall out with who? Noel Edmonds!!?? And then we watched it all unfold. Anne Hegerty aka "The Guverness" from The Chase was fantastic in confronting her challenges such as Autism and Aspergers. If it gets people talking who also have these conditions which it has, that's a success in itself. And then there was Harry. Harry Redknapp, who was crowned King of the Jungle on Sunday night has been a revelation. The moment he had his surprise reunion with wife Sandra I said then, if he doesn't win it there should be a national day of strike action. Its been the "most watched" series in 5 years and a pretty incredible 12 million watched the final on Sunday night. I say incredible because when you consider all the other available media channels at our disposal and the Christmas party season is in full swing, that's a big number. 

But on the whole its just been great to see people from totally different walks of life all get on and muck in together. No back stabbing, no mud slinging, no ganging up, just a group of people having fun and supporting eachother. And no B word in sight! More please......


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