Its Results Time Once Again!

Yesterday was GCSE results day. Last Thursday, A Level results day. 2 of the most stressful days in the calendar that families up and down the land endure each year. I remember going through the same sort of ‘hell’ back in my school days though it was slightly different then in that you had your results posted to you. I still have visions today of the postie walking up our path on that Thursday morning. Just like elections, exam results day was always a Thursday! I was one of those who had to sit down and put the hours in when it came to revision whereas others did the bare minimum and flew through their exams. How does that work then? Pure luck, that’s what it is.

I retook a couple of exams, got into college and then found myself heading off to University, which is what I’d wanted to do. But back then just like today the pressure was on you to do well. That in itself can have a detrimental effect on kids today. Maybe the emphasis should be put on kids to do their best, just as a football manager would tell their team to do their best rather than say “come what may we have to win”. Straight away, you’re taking that burden away. The bottom line with exams is that they test your ability to answer a question in ‘exam conditions’. I have to say since University, I’ve not encountered ‘exam conditions’ in my working life. But they test your ability to answer questions on a specific day too. A day when you may be feeling under the weather; a day where you may just be feeling not quite yourself and therefore they shouldn’t be taken as a reflection of your academic ability. We had lots of your examples on Thursday’s Drivetime of how your results perhaps weren’t what you wanted but now you’re winning at life!

Just like Hari who told us he was bullied at school and is now a Police Officer. Then there’s Sonya who struggled with Maths, Physics and Chemistry, got very low grades at O'level, so didn't do Maths at A level. Then failed Chemistry A level and 7 years later gained a Science PhD.

Paul said he failed school and became a youth worker, saying life experience got him the job. Natalie had a great story for us saying she didn't do brilliantly when she did her GCSEs in 2003 but that never stopped her. She failed her maths GCSE but she now has a Certificate in AAT Accounting. As Natalie says...”It goes to show they don't define you or stop you. FAIL = FIRST ATTEMPT IN LEARNING.

And then Ceri told us about her daughter Meg. “Just before her GCSE's she was incredibly ill - at one point I thought I might lose her.  She did not feel she had done as well as she should have compared to others.
Although she tried Sixth Form and College, because she felt this was the path; she was never fully happy. As fate would have it, her life took an unexpected and amazing turn.  She was offered two jobs within weeks of each other; Part-time Librarian at the University and weekends at Marks & Spencer.

She inspires me every day with her kindness, compassion and work ethic.  So please for others out there; know that it is possible to get on and go places - education is part, but work ethic and personality plays into things too”. And there’s not a lot you can add to Ceri’s story. So, if yesterday was a great day for you good luck for the next step. If yesterday wasn’t a great day don’t panic. You can still do what you want to do! Remember, results form just a part of your overall makeup.

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