That Wasn't What I Intended To Buy!.....

We’ve all done it haven’t we? Gone into a shop to buy something only to come out with something totally different. Well, Helen my wife did just that on Tuesday, popping out to a well known store (Dunelm if you’re asking), to buy some new curtains and a new matching rug. Only she came home having brought a load of hangers and mattress protectors! And it seems she’s not on her own as you’ve done the same thing, or something very similar.


Janine went with her Grampy for a lampshade to B&Q and came out with a gas bbq. Rachel told us she has the same issue with IKEA - she planned on popping down for a ‘look’ & to get ‘ideas’ & came home with candles, scissors, towels & then mini dime bars & cinnamon swirls from the food section!


Shinko on Twitter had a similar experience again in IKEA with his other half last Sunday. He went for a storage box but came home with frames, a unit, lighting, and a new kitchen! 


Charley went with her friend to buy a new cage for her gerbil and came back with a guinea pig. Alan went for peppermint teabags and came home with some reduced naan breads a shirt and a frying pan, while Sharon went to Lidl for a printer & came out with a George Foreman grill.


These are all superb examples and I’m sure you’ve got your own too. One final story comes from Jo who went out last week for a curry & booked a holiday! So, when you venture out this weekend to buy a pint of milk, make sure you’ve got enough room in the car to carry your new washing machine home!