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Exam season is upon us and for lots of families that means stress, tension, strange hours of working, long hours of working and revising and working and more revising, you get my drift. Swatting they used to call it when I was in school and college and for some reason I hated that word.  So we'll banish that and keep to 'revising' or 'revision'.
I was always roundly envious of mates who'd totally wing it, not put any hours of revision in, and then pass the exam with flying colours. I always used to think how they did it, and there was yours truly slaving away putting the hours in.  I guess to some it came naturally, others perhaps not so.  So, any tips from you when it comes to revising?...
Andy had one which I used to live by and that was always read the question, then read it again and read it again! How many of us though used to read the question just once and interpret it in a different way?
Chris used to revise with a mate of his and they'd throw questions at eachother. He said it became a bit of a contest as to who'd get the most right between himself and his mate, but it worked for them.
Mike said to always know you've given your all and you couldn't give anymore.
Brian had some great advice. He said if you're revising for more than 1 exam, revise the subject you find the hardest first. This will give you more time to get used to it and it'll make the rest of your revision less daunting.

Kay, just like Brian had a good tip for us. I always used to revise the areas I was weakest at but made it as enjoyable as I could. I always used to revise in chunks, so id have my clock in front of me and revise for half an hour before going off for 20 minutes or so to have a coffee, then come back and do another half an hour, and it worked for me!
Rob said he used to detest revising, but came up with a novel way of cracking it. He said he used to make up strange words or phrases if he had to revise or remember lists.  For example, if he was trying to remember a number of advantages of something or a number of facts he'd take the first letter of each sentence and come up with a weird word.  But each letter in that weird word when spelt out would provide him with every fact he needed to write down. Genius eh!
Nick said he got his daughter to make a weekly timetable, in order to plan the subjects she'd be revising and for how long. Just as important he said was to build in time for breaks. It goes without saying if you just revise and revise you'll hit a brick wall.
So, some top tips there and If you're about to sit an exam, the very best of luck! 

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