Another Chance to Win a DAB Radio.

3’s A Crowd


Castle Bingo is celebrating 25 years at Morriston Swansea this month, It was their 25th birthday on 15th March


Celebrating 25 years at Castle Bingo, Morriston. Join us for the BIG 25k weekend happening 23rd, 24th, 25th March


Join me every morning as we play ‘three’s a crowd’ with Castle Bingo, ca-castle Bingo!


Every morning Kev gives out four words. 


Three are connected and all YOU have to do is guess which is the odd word out and the connection between the other three words.


Easy… Or is it…


Look at the four words – three are connected whilst one is the odd word out!


Today’s words  


Whisky   Top   Beer    Cream


Up for grabs today is a DAB Radio

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Steve Shaw playing Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

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