Food Provision for the Homeless and the Vulnerable.

Food Provision for the Homeless and Vulnerable 

As we all begin the process of stopping non-essential contact with others in the coming weeks, finding a safe place to isolate will not be that straight forward for everyone. For those sleeping rough or who are vulnerably housed, there could be a lot of uncertaintyMany avenues of regular healthcare and support services are being hit hard as venues have been required to close. Those services which are staffed with volunteers have lost a significant number of team members, who are now considered to be in high risk categories and need to withdraw from having close contact with others.

This week however, those volunteer groups, agencies, health care professionals & council departments that provide regular support for this vulnerable community of people have responded to a call for action. The City’s outreach medical team has declared the need to maintain vitally important food provision during this crisis, and we have heard and understood this call for help.

Emergency plans are currently under way bringing a collaborative effort to see food prepared and distributed safely on a daily basis for these vulnerable members of our community.

For this plan to work however, it will need a significant number of volunteers in a variety of roles. Over the coming days information will be made available to explain how people can help, whilst adhering to government guidelines.

This city has proved it can work together before and as we face a significant challenge ahead, we have an opportunity to do so again. More updates will follow.

Volunteering: covid19@scvs.org.uk

Donations: swanseatogether@matthewshouse.org.uk