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On this Day

1840 – The Penny Black, the first official postage stamp, was issued in Britain

1961 - Betting shops were legalised in the UK

1997 - Tony Blair's Labour party won a landslide victory in the General Election, beating John Major's Tories.

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1946 – Joanna Lumley, English actress, legendary star of "The New Avengers", "Ab Fab" "Sapphire and Steel" and others - she once turned down a proposal of marriage from Ken Barlow on "Coronation Street" (74)

Today is 

May Day.     International Workers' Day

Day 39 of the UK lockdown

Beat the Kettle Question

This happens 3 million times a minute. What is it?

Answer: Someone likes something on Facebook.

Our Survey Sez

3 out of 5 people say THIS is one of the things that annoys us most. What is it?

ANSWER  : stealing a French fry without asking! 

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Don’t judge people for their choices when you don’t know which options they had.

Wacky Fact

Crisps were invented after a chef lost his temper with a customer who kept asking for his potatoes to be more fried and thinner.

3’s A Crowd

Once again thanks to the film companies we've got some great can’t buy in the shops movie souvenirs from films which have just been released in DVD - All handy stuff as well

Win  some great Men in Black goodies including a suit bag this morning.

Today’s words   Time   Shift    Graft   Light

In the News today

The UK is "quite likely to get very close to or meet" its target of 100,000 daily coronavirus tests, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said.

The US has seen foreign spy agencies carry out reconnaissance of research into a coronavirus vaccine according to a senior US intelligence official

Players are "scared" about the prospect of returning to action amid the coronavirus pandemic, says Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

The two Lucy’s meet mum and dad… and probably Jim and Milson in the last Friday Night Dinner (Channel 4), Louis Theroux and Jeff Goldblum virtually join Graham Norton (BBC1) and Cain and Billy are in trouble in Emmerdale (ITV)


Dumb things that we believed as children

That if you eat a watermelon seed, a watermelon will grow in your stomach.

That it is illegal to turn on the interior light of a car while it was moving.

That you could accidentally encounter quicksand anywhere, at any time.

That Mam had eyes on the back of her head, just like she said.

That if you cross your eyes, they might stay that way

The blue part of the eraser could erase ink.


Kids say this is the worst part of riding in the car with their parents. What is it?

Maybe heir driving, their chat, w hen they swear and lose their temper? – it’s none of the abouve so have a guess

Answer:  Their singing


Abba have been named as the band fans most want to see reunited and playing live again.

The Swedish pop group - Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad - were propelled to worldwide stardom after they won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with Waterloo.

They split in 1982 but clearly still appeal to fans of all ages as 40% of those asked in a survey picked them as one of the three acts they most want to see back together.

Abba were well ahead of the second choice, Oasis, who were named by 28% of the 2,000 polled for ticket resale site StubHub.

They were followed by boyband One Direction, rockers The Verve, Boyzone - who called it quits last year - and 80s indie band The Smiths.

Top 10 Bands That Fans Mot Want To See Reunited And Playing Live Again.

1 Abba (split 1982) 40%

2 Oasis (2009) 28%

3 One Direction (2016) 18%

4 The Verve (2009) 14%

5 Boyzone (2019) 13%

6 The Smiths (1987) 12%

7 Destiny's Child (2006) 12%

8 Crowded House (2011) 12%

9 Sugababes (2011) 11%

10 No Doubt (2015) 11%


Prince William will front a mental health documentary to be aired on the BBC next month.

The one-off programme, currently titled Tackling Mental Health With the Duke of Cambridge, will see the prince examine 'men's mental health through the prism of football', according to the BBC.

Cameras followed the Duke of Cambridge over the course of the year.

Prince William will front a mental health documentary to be aired on the BBC next month.

As well as meeting with fans, players and managers, Prince William will talk candidly with former England goalkeeper Joe Hart and Chelsea manager Frank Lampard 'as part of his efforts to start the biggest ever conversation on mental health, through football.'


Holidaymakers are already looking for their next trip despite the lockdown – with Benidorm on the menu for this winter.

Research conducted by TravelSupermarket revealed October and November 2020 have seen increases in searches for package holiday prices.

Brits are opting for holidays in October and November – and Benidorm is highest on the list

Most Popular Package Holiday Searches in April 2020

1. Benidorm

2. Maldives

3. Las Vegas

4. Tenerife

5. Orlando

6. New York

7. Cancun

8. Dominican Republic

9. Dubai

10. Majorca


A dad has shared his brilliant idea for saving a couple of quid….by blaming Covid-19 for the tooth fairy's failure to turn up.

When his son lost a tooth, Joe Heenan seized the opportunity to play a cheeky prank on him by taping a note claiming to be from the Tooth Fairy on the back door.

It broke the heartbreaking news that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't be able to leave money under his pillow due to social distancing guidelines put in place by the government.

It read: "Sorry, due to social distancing I'm not allowed in your house.

"Maybe next time. Love the Tooth Fairy xxx."