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On this day

1972 -Evel Knieval broke 93 bones after successfully jumping 35 cars.

1989 - A 1,000-foot diameter asteroid missed Earth by about 430,000 miles. That was close!

1998 - The movie Titanic won 11 Oscars at the Academy Awards

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1953 Chaka Khan is 67 today.

Today is    

“World Meteorological Day”, an annual UN observance to promote understanding of how weather, climate, and water affects us all. 

Beat the Kettle Question

Studies show THIS bird can remember human faces.

Answer: Pigeon.

Our Survey Sez

1-in-5 of us has a favorite one of THESE.

Answer: Pen.

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Create with the heart, build with the mind!

Wacky Fact     

Humans can inflate balloons with their ears.     True ….Chand Pasha, southern India, blows the balloon by using his ear The electrician inflates the 80cm yellow balloon by attaching a valve to his ear. Pasha holds his nose and closes his mouth allowing the air to flow into balloon and claims he could set world record by blowing balloon in just three minutes

3’s A Crowd

Kaiser Chiefs are coming to Ffos Las Racecourse Saturday 23rd May, and we have tickets up for grabs!

They’ll be performing after the live race day – you can make the day of it! Enjoy a day’s racing in the beautiful surroundings of the Welsh countryside, with a view down to Carmarthen Bay, before the excitement builds, the lights begin to go and the crowds wait for that opening note from the amazing Kaiser Chiefs.

Advanced tickets are now on sale for just £37.50 for the big event, Children’s tickets (Aged 17 & under) are £25pp and are available to purchase on the day from the racecourse with proof of age.

One winner from across the 4 x weeks, will be randomly selected to be upgraded to get the VIP Package on Friday March 27th.

This morning’s words are     Sea     Lake    Peak    Business

Competition 2

All this week we’re giving you a chance to win copies of the new Mal Pope Album Butterfly

It’s Mal’s first album  in ten years … sorry it’s Maldwyn again!

You can get the album via Malpope.com or from Derricks Records on Oxford St in Swansea.


In the news this Morning

Boris Johnson has warned "tougher measures" could be introduced if people do not take the government's coronavirus advice seriously.

McDonald's will close all 1,270 of its restaurants in the UK by the end of today, as fears over the spread of coronavirus escalate.

Coronation Street and Emmerdale fans may have to contend with a soap blackout in two months after filming was suspended.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

Yasmeen struggles to hear the truth in Coronation Street (ITV), Shelley has a few words for Linda in Eastenders (BBC1) and we take our last trip to the Cotswolds as the vicar prepares to leave in This Country (BBC1).

Coronation Street and Emmerdale fans may have to contend with a soap blackout in two months after filming was suspended.

ITV have announced that they have taken the decision to halt production “until at least the early summer” due to the coronavirus crisis.

Both shows film six weeks in advance - and execs will eke out episodes for as long as possible by reducing the number they screen every week.

But even if they halve what’s currently on offer, they will run out in May meaning they are almost certain to disappear from our screens for a period of time.


Finland has been named the happiest country in the world for the third year in a row by the World Happiness Report -  .

Happiest countries

1. Finland       2. Denmark     3. Switzerland     4. Iceland     5. Norway    6. The Netherlands

7. Sweden      8. New Zealand      9. Luxembourg    10. Austria    11. Canada    12. Australia

13. UK        14. Israel      15. Costa Rica       16. Ireland     17. Germany      18. US

19. Czech Republic     20. Belgium

Least Happiest Countries

1. Afghanistan      2. South Sudan     3. Zimbabwe     4. Rwanda   5. Central African Republic

6. Tanzania     7. Botswana       8. Yemen     9. Malawi     10. India    11. Lesotho    12. Haiti

13. Zambia     14. Burundi     15. Sierra Leone    16. Egypt    17. Madagascar   18. Ethiopia

19. Togo     20. Comoros


Nearly two-thirds of millennials don’t even know how to use an iron, according to a new study.

A poll of 4,200 Britons aged between 25 and 39 found that 62 per cent were baffled by the array of settings and could not work out whether they should press the ‘steam’ button.

And nearly half of respondents said they found it difficult to change a duvet cover, the survey by waste removal company Clear It Waste found.


A man has proposed to his girlfriend in the supermarket chain Iceland because their plans to go on holiday to the country were put on hold by the coronavirus pandemic.

The unnamed husband-to-be was planning to propose during a holiday to Iceland with his partner, but their flight to the European country was cancelled.

So instead, he got down on one knee by the checkouts at a branch of the store in Tonbridge, Kent, earlier this week

The newly engaged couple will now honeymoon in Iceland instead, once travel restrictions are lifted, with the supermarket chain picking up the tab.


A Dublin pub is offering to deliver pints, wine, bottles and cans to your door - including freshly pulled pints of Guinness.

Graingers Hanlons Corner on the North Circular Road has launched an alcohol and cigarettes delivery service.

The pub will carry out deliveries during the coronavirus outbreak but it stressed: "Health restrictions apply."

They posted on Facebook: "We here at Graingers Hanlons Corner will deliver a freshly pulled pint of Guinness or any pint of your choice and deliver to your door!

"Health restrictions apply! You must collect from car door and will be served in a pint sized plastic glass!


Deliveroo has seen restaurant sign ups jump by 86 per cent in the past two weeks as the coronavirus shutdown forces businesses online.

As many as 3,000 businesses have joined the online food delivery service in the last month as they look for alternative ways to reach their customers.

The restaurants signing up to the platform include large chains, local family favourites and high-end Michelin starred-restaurants, the chain told MailOnline.