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On this Day

1879   1st mobile home, horse drawn used in a journey from London & Cyprus

1887 - The World's first motor race was held in Paris

1931   House of Commons agreed that sport could be played on a Sunday.

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1961 - Nicholas Lyndhurst - Star of "Only Fools & Horses", "Goodnight Sweetheart" and lots of other sitcoms that are nowhere near as good. Apparently, he's a keen bee-keeper (59)  

Today is 

Volunteer Recognition Day, honoring the legions of people who dedicate themselves to causes and helping others, thereby making both big and small differences in the lives of millions worldwide.

Beat the Kettle Question

What’s the only word in English with 3 consecutive double letters?

Answer  Bookkeeper. 

Our Survey Sez

Over 1/3 of us ignore this, even though it could be harmful to our health. What?

Answer: Food/beverage expiration dates

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

You are not what you have done - you are what you have overcome

Wacky Fact

You can change your language on Facebook to Pirate

3’s A Crowd

This week we’ve found some very useful stuff to give away on 3’s A Crowd all related to films that have recently been released on DVD.

We’re managing to find supplies.

This morning you can win a book bag and wash bag celebrating the film Booksmart!

Today’s words       Flat   Round    Stressed   Knocked

 In the News today

A gunman who dressed as a policeman killed at least 16 people, including a female police officer, in the province of Nova Scotia, Canadian police say.

The UK is to try to use the blood of coronavirus survivors to treat hospital patients ill with the disease.

Sir Tom Jones and Little Mix have paid tribute to NHS workers during a British version of the star-studded One World: Together At Home virtual concert

Tonight’s TV Highlights

Ant Middleton and his team have been through it all. They’ve cheated death and they’ve had to survive the cruellest things nature has to throw at them but tonight they’re introduced to their biggest nightmare. Katie Price joins Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins (Channel 4). Keegan gets even more stress out in Eastenders (BBC1) and smart people answer ridiculous questions on the final of University Challenge (BBC2)

A new study has revealed the average person in the UK is cooking four times more meals from scratch than they used to. In fact, food is helping to keep everyone connected during the lockdown, with a third saying meal times have now become more of an occasion, bringing everyone together in the household.

Day 28 of the UK lockdown


Spaghetti Bolognese has also been revealed as the most popular dish to cook in lockdown in Wales, with nearly half (46%) of residents cooking it.

Across the country, the most popular dishes include:

Roast dinners (90%)

Stews and casseroles (53%)

Spaghetti Bolognese (42%)

Sausage and mash (35%)

Cottage pie (26%)

Lasagne (26%)

Classic Indian curries (15%)


The Royal Mail has asked its customers to show their appreciation for their postie by giving them a ‘thumbs up’ - from a safe two metres distance - as they go about their rounds during the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative is a simple way for the public to say thanks and stay connected with their local postmen and women, while respecting the Government’s social distancing rules.  This safe distance is just over the height of a Royal Mail postbox away. 

Giving a thumbs up is also a handy reminder not to reach out to try and take parcels direct from postmen and women to ensure contact free delivery. 


According to a poll of 2,000 adults, these are the signs that makes them feel that they are getting old!

Forgetting people’s names

Losing hair

Groaning when you bend down

Not knowing any songs in the top ten

Misplacing your glasses/ bag/ car keys etc

Getting more hairy – ears, eyebrows, nose, face etc.

Saying ‘in my day’

Finding it tricky to sit cross-legged on the floor

Hating noisy pubs

Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style

Falling asleep in front of the TV every night


Captain Tom Moore's charity single, a collaboration with singer Michael Ball, has gone straight to the top of the UK iTunes chart as the hero's fundraising total approaches a staggering £22 million.

The 99-year-old war veteran is raising millions for NHS Charities Together amid the coronavirus pandemic, after initially expecting to raise just £1,000 by completing 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.

He finished the walk on Thursday after starting out on April 13.

But more than a million donors have helped the fundraiser approach £21.5 million as of the early hours of Saturday.

After capturing the hearts of the nation, Captain Tom has joined forces with Michael Ball to create their own heartwarming version of You'll Never Walk Alone.

The pair recorded a version of the song, which also features the NHS Voices of Care Choir and a spoken work introduction from Capt Moore, who says: 'Hold your head up high/And don't be afraid of the dark.'

The song has already climbed to the top of the iTunes chart in time for the WWII veteran's 100th birthday on April 30.


Brits are experiencing “extremely vivid” dreams and nightmares to make up for “little stimuli” under lockdown, according to a new survey.

Researchers have been asking people to fill out an online survey about their dreams in order to analyse how coronavirus is being experienced “unconsciously”.

They say the most common trend so far is people are saying they are experiencing more detailed dreams that usual, which is a sharp contrast to the day-to-day lockdown life.

In one example, someone tried to buy broken biscuits from a supermarket with children’s TV presenters.

In another bizarre dream, a person climbed into a plane to escape a collapsing building but when they realised there was no pilot they hid in the toilet instead.


Almost half of school leavers do not feel prepared for working life, a study has found.

As many prepare to leave education and enter the world of work, research found 61 per cent are nervous about picking the right career path.

But 57% of the 750 18 to 24-year-olds polled have never considered taking part in an apprenticeship.

And while 46% feel attending university is an essential part of getting their dream job, 42% believe life skills - rather than academics - are more crucial.

The study, by free careers education service SPRINGPOD, also found that of those who attended university, one in six said their course did not correlate to the career they wish to pursue.

A third even said they would now reconsider their choice of degree.

When it comes to preferred careers, Britain is set for a boom in scientists - after that came out as the top choice for young jobseekers.

Treading the boards as an actor came second, followed by teaching, in third.


Morrisons staff have raised a smile by bursting into song and performing a disco-filled rendition of YMCA for customers.

A video posted on Twitter shows customers and colleagues flocking to the front of the store as the karaoke classic is blasted from speakers.

The staff members are dressed in full Village People attire, including as police officers, an air hostess, and one woman even rocks a false moustache while dressed as a builder.

They stand at the end of aisles and perform the perfectly-timed dance routine as those within the store - believed to be the Becontree Heath branch in London - watch on in delight.

The Twitter user who posted the video said that staff were 'out here making everyone laugh and cry'.

The supermarket responded that: 'If we can brighten at least one person's day I'd call it a success'.


Manchester United chiefs are recruiting a superfan to tweet about the club – for a mighty £100,000 salary.

The club’s new head of social media will be tasked with promoting the world famous Old Trafford club on Twitter and Instagram to its 1.1 billion fans.

The successful applicant, according to the job advert, will be an “energetic culture change catalyst, someone who is obsessed with data but equally obsessed with new and interesting ways to connect with fans.”

He or she will join United’s social media team, who are all “tech savvy, ‘social first’ twenty-somethings”.

Man Utd called the social media job an “exciting vacancy”, adding; “This is a unique opportunity for an analytical, organised and creative individual to lead one of the world’s largest branded social media portfolios.”

It states the candidate will assist “players and player agents with content and strategy”, adding: “We’re looking for an industry leading, established, creative and highly organised social media professional.”