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1976  Buckingham Palace announces that Princess Margaret will separate from Lord Snowdon 

1982   A group of Argentines landed on one of  the Falkland Islands and planted a flag.

1992    Buckingham Palace announces the Duke and Duchess of York are to separate 

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1955 Bruce Willis is 65 today.

Today is    

World Monopoly Day

Beat the Kettle Question

William Railton is best known as the designer of which London monument?

Answer. Nelson's Column.

Our Survey Sez

Although this annual activity likely dates back thousands of years, the 1st recorded mention of it wasn’t until 1857.

Answer: Spring Cleaning

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

“I hope there are days when your coffee tastes like magic, your playlist makes you dance, strangers make you smile, and the night sky touches your soul. I hope you fall in love with being alive again.”

Wacky Fact     

It has been estimated that the number of actively spoken languages in the world today is about 6,000.

3’s A Crowd

Kaiser Chiefs are coming to Ffos Las Racecourse Saturday 23rd May, and we have tickets up for grabs!

They’ll be performing after the live race day – you can make the day of it! Enjoy a day’s racing in the beautiful surroundings of the Welsh countryside, with a view down to Carmarthen Bay, before the excitement builds, the lights begin to go and the crowds wait for that opening note from the amazing Kaiser Chiefs.

One winner from across the 4 x weeks, will be randomly selected to be upgraded to get the VIP Package on Friday March 27th.

This morning’s words are      Bath    Glue   Wrap   Gum

Competition 2

Nile Rodgers & CHIC play Singleton Park, Swansea on Friday 31st July, the ONLY Welsh show of 2020.

Tickets are on sale now. Head online to swanseasound.co.uk.

However!  You could win a pair of tickets to see Nile Rodgers and Chic at Singleton Park on July 31st.

Just listen out for a Chic song!

News stories

All schools in Wales will close by Friday at the latest in response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Welsh Government has announced.

The coronavirus outbreak spreading across the UK will make it impossible to hold GCSEs and A-level exams this summer.

The number of people dying from coronavirus in Italy has risen by 475 in one day to nearly 3,000 - the biggest increase since the outbreak.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

A market trader and a woman who loves cockney geezers, what could go wrong in First Dates (Channel 4)? Marlon’s in trouble in Emmerdale (ITV) and there is no-one to ask the questions on Question Time (BBC1)… so… erm…..


Gary Neville has confirmed that he will close the two Manchester hotels he co-owns with Ryan Giggs in order to offer beds to NHS workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Glastonbury Festival 2020 has officially been cancelled.

The Eurovision Song Contest has been pulled as a response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

More than four out of five Ryanair flights will be cancelled from today until March 24th.

Today Sainsburys are setting aside the first hour of trading to the elderly and vulnerable – plus giving them priority for food delivery slots. Most supermarkets, including Tesco, are also starting to limit the amount customers can buy of each item, as of this morning.


Working from home is becoming a reality for more and more people.

Top 10 tips to survive working at home.

1    Start early and at the same time.

2    Get properly dressed

3    Create space for different activities

4    Structure your day

5    Make a plan with your children

6    Turn off your phone

7    Set aside time for breaks

8    Take excercise

9    Finish work at a set time and keep bedtime at a set time

10  Don’t hit the alcohol


 A statistical look at who we are and the things we do …

7% of women insist on drying their hair before weighing themselves.

50% of people don’t wash their produce at home.

38% of people would take a pay cut if they could take their pet to work.

40% of people say they flip their pillow to the cool side several times a night.

21% of adults say they have never watched a cooking show.

19% of people cannot name a single author.


People who are self-isolating have been digging out their Christmas decorations to create some cheer in the area without leaving their houses.

While some said it had brought some happiness to their children, others said they wanted to light up neighbourhoods currently on lockdown.

Others said they hoped it would be a message of hope for those feeling anxious by the current uncertainty.

One person wrote on Twitter: “What if we all put our Christmas lights back up? Then we could get in the car and drive around and look at them. That seems like a fair social distancing activity.”

After the tweet, the hashtag #lightsforlife has been springing up on social media, as many people share images of their fairylight-adorned homes.


One of Britain's oldest women celebrated her 105th birthday in the pub despite the coronavirus panic and says the secret to longevity is to "keep going in the face of adversity".

Ellen Matthews was born on March 17, 1915 and has lived through 25 prime ministers, four monarchs and survived both world wars.

The defiant pensioner says she has "seen it all in her time" and was not going to let the current COVID-19 outbreak stop her celebrating with friends and family.

On Wednesday she enjoyed a glass of wine as well as afternoon tea at the Edge of Town pub in Northampton surrounded by loved ones.

Ellen said she wanted the event to go ahead despite the coronavirus outbreak sweeping Britain, adding: "You only die once."


A new report predicts 90 per cent of common household tasks - including dusting, doing the laundry and cleaning dishes - will be taken out of human hands in the next two decades.

Some tasks will become the work of robots, like changing bedsheets, or smart drones that can water plants.


1. Cleaning the toilet (34 per cent)

2. Ironing (27 per cent)

3. Changing bedsheets (24 per cent)

4. Dusting and cleaning surfaces (23 per cent)

5. Washing dishes (20 per cent)

6. Vacuuming (15 per cent)

7. Cleaning windows (15 per cent)

8. Taking out the rubbish (13 per cent)

9. Paying bills (13 per cent)

10. Cleaning the fridge (13 per cent)

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