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On this day

1807 - Parliament abolished the slave trade.

1970 - The Concorde made its first supersonic flight.

2015 - It was announced that Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction and that the group would continue as a four-piece.

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1947  Elton John is 73 today. 

Today is    

Tolkien Reading Day

Beat the Kettle Question

In Burmese culture, it is considered embarrassing for a man to do what for a woman?

Answer     Hold an umbrella.

Our Survey Sez

 Almost 20% of women say THIS is the greatest sound in the world.  What?

Answer:  A wine bottle being opened and poured

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Hug harder, Laugh louder, Smile bigger, Love longer.

Wacky Fact   

Because of its shape, the first electric guitar was called the ‘Frying Pan’

3’s A Crowd

All this week we’re giving you a chance to win copies of the new Mal Pope Album Butterfly

It’s Mal’s first album  in ten years and it’s Maldwyn now!

You can get the album via Malpope.com or from Derricks Records on Oxford St in Swansea.

This morning’s words are    Table   Car    Door   Computer  

In the News today

People can go to work if they cannot do their work at home, the health secretary has said, amid confusion over the new coronavirus restrictions.

Stock markets around the world climbed sharply higher, as investors grappled with the economic impact of the coronavirus.

The NHS will treat coronavirus patients in a makeshift field hospital in the ExCeL Centre in East London.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

Gabby and Leanna disapprove in Emmerdale (ITV), David’s devastated by a message from Shona on Coronation Street (ITV) and new comedy introduces us to Mister Winner (BBC2)


Michael Jordan has been named the greatest sportsperson of all-time by fans across the globe.

He beat the likes of Muhammad Ali, ice hockey star Wayne Gretzky and baseball legend Babe Ruth to the title of GOAT, according to fan poll site TheTopTens.

Swimming icon Michael Phelps – a 23-time Olympic gold medallist – completes the top five, with Jamaican sprint king Usain Bolt close behind.


A professional stylist says that it's better for our mental health if we dress for working…from home!

Susie Hasler, of UK and online styling firm Styled By Susie, told the Daily Mail 'Of course it’s fine to dress more casually than you would for a normal day in the office, but getting ready and following a routine is important for our mental health - and for making us feel as though we’re in "work mode".

'As well as making yourself feel better, and more productive, you need to be prepared for video calls - meaning being more than presentable, at least from the waist up.

Here are her tips: -

Ditch the jogging bottoms (and PJs)

Dress 'half-smart' like newsreaders

Opt for feel good colours

The lower you feel, the louder your colours should be!

Loungewear doesn’t have to be slobby

Don't underestimate the power of a white t-shirt


A university student has decided to use this time to get in touch with her exes and ask what went wrong!

19 year old Rebecca has decided to use the time for self-growth after coming across a quote from Kitty O’Meara - "And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still."

So she decided to contact her exes to find out why they broke things off with her.

Rebecca said: "The people who have experienced the worst of me are definitely the most qualified to tell me what went wrong and how to improve.

"It’s worth a try to see how I can be the best me I can be.

"Plus, I really didn’t have anything better to do - I was just so bored.

"Waiting for them to reply was terrifying, but actually everyone was really nice - there’s no hard feelings there.

"It gave me a bit of a reality check - it’s so easy to just block someone out of your life."


The Mirror has highlighted some of the nice things we're doing for each other.

A mysterious good Samaritan has been leaving gifts for brave NHS workers in hospital car parks.  A kind-hearted stranger - known only as 'James' - has left several shoe boxes containing items such as toilet roll, moisturiser, vouchers and alcohol to NHS staff.

Two teenagers heartbroken after seeing an old man "left with nothing" in his shopping basket are now delivering care packages to the elderly in self-isolation.  In another kind act, best pals Sam Hornsby and Matty Perry were left feeling upset when they saw an old man who looked desolate as he struggled to get supplies due to coronavirus shortages.

Ponies have been wandering up to windows to "spread smiles" to people isolating themselves indoors.   The animalS are from Park Lane Stables in Teddington, Surrey.

Free parking is being offered to NHS workers at many car parks to say thank you for their hard work.

An airbnb host is offering her flat out to NHS key staff for six weeks.

A local bookshop is making sure vulnerable people self isolating still have enough material to read - by delivering to customers by foot, by bike, and by car.  The Little Ripon Bookshop in North Yorkshire, has become an important lifeline for lonely elderly residents who have been forced into quarantine.

Bosses of a community bike share scheme have also offered the use of its 1,000 bicycles free to NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic.

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