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1953 - The Royal Yacht Britannia was launched

1964   Some of the longest sentences in British criminal history have been imposed on men involved in the  "Great Train Robbery

1996 - Prince Andrew and his wife, Sarah, the Duchess of York, announced that they were in the process of getting a divorce.

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1963 Jimmy Osmond is 57 today

Today is 

Stress Awareness Day”, focusing on one of the world’s leading health problems. 

Beat the Kettle Question

The word “stalemate” to designate a no-win situation has its origins in what game?

Answer    Chess

Our Survey Sez

74% of women say this makes a guy more attractive. What is it?

Answer:     When she drinks alcohol

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet.

Wacky Fact

It’s thought that the phrase “Feeling groggy” comes from the 17th century, when grog—rum mixed with water—was what sailors drank on ships.

3’s A Crowd

Win a Swansea Sound Face for radio mug!

One word is the odd word out and 3 are connected by a missing word.

Today’s words      Line   Point   Yard   School

In the News today

A 99-year-old war veteran who is walking 100 laps of his garden before he turns 100 has raised more than £10m for the NHS.

Burger King, KFC and Pret A Manger have announced limited reopening programmes after closing during the coronavirus lockdown.

The postponed 2020 Tour de France will now start on 29 August, following the French government's extension of a ban on mass gatherings to mid-July because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

Are you going to San Francisco? Well no, because we’re not allowed to travel but Gordon, Gino and Fred are (ITV). Lily finds a man who knows Sergei’s secrets in Devs (BBC2) and Ross Kemp is On The NHS Front Line (ITV).


A statistical look at who we are and the things we do …

11% of adults say they have put their smartphone on top of their car and driven off.

60% of adults say they can’t remember their first kiss.

65% of single people say they wouldn’t date someone who is over $5,000 in debt.

34% of adults say they don’t break sweat when they go to the gym.

44% of adults exaggerate about how often they floss their teeth.

77% of women say they expect their man to know when they’re angry…..even when they say everything’s “fine”.


Day 24 of the UK lockdown

Clap For Carers – the nation once again gives the NHS and other carers a round of applause at 8 this evening.


Classic TV sitcoms are lifting the nation during lockdown – with Only Fools and Horses No1 for raising a smile in adversity.

Del Boy and Rodney’s antics with Grandad and Uncle Albert were voted the most comforting watch in a 1,500-viewer poll.

Gavin & Stacey was second with Father Ted following in third.

The Vicar of Dibley, Open All Hours, Porridge, One Foot in The Grave and The Royle Family were also favourites, with Top Gear the only non-comedy in the top 10.

The BritBox research found more than a third of adults said nostalgic TV shows eased stress.

Sitcoms ruled the roost but the show, Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild and detective series Death in Paradise made the top 20.

The poll also found Sheffield was the lockdown TV hotspot, with 85% of residents watching more than usual, compared with the average of 70%.


People have been sharing what they've found as they take advantage of lockdown to have a massive spring clean.

Amongst the list of some of the strangest shared is one very lucky man who found a huge wad of cash,   

a newspaper from 68 years ago - marking the Queen's coronation.

A Blockbuster card from the now defunct video rental service

A 1953 copy of the Vancouver Sun, showing the coronation of Queen Elizabeth

A GameBoy, iPod shuffle and iPod Nano, which were once considered the cutting edge of technology, a vinyl copy of Bruce Willis Respect Yourself  


A retired couple's 30-year collection of Star Wars toys and memorabilia has sold for more than double what it was estimated to at auction

The married couple from Surbiton have amassed 250 items from the sci-film's product line since the 1980s, almost half of which were coveted Palitoy figures which, crucially, were still in their original cardboard packaging.

Among the haul of plastic figures of Anakin Skywalker and Chewbacca, there were also more unique pieces of merchandise, including a pair of Empire Strikes Back rollerskates and themed bubblegum.

The couple had an original unboxed figure of Darth Vader's Tie Fighter, which sold for £580 at auction in Ashford, Kent

Darth Vader's helmet, arguably one of the most recognisable elements of the Star Wars universe, sold for £130

Chewbacca and R2-D2 figures were among the unboxed items that sold for auction. The Surbiton couple's entire collection sold for around £84,000


Zumping" has become the latest dating trend during the coronavirus lockdown.

It refers to the bizarre phenomenon of being dumped on Zoom.

And don't worry, there's ones for FaceTime and Houseparty too, known as Facetumped and Housepumped respectively.

It turns out it's not uncommon either, after writer Julia Moser tweeted : "Am i the first person who's been dumped via zoom?"

It racked up more than 63,000 likes as others chipped in to say they had been dumped similarly on Zoom and other video chat platforms like Skype.

It didn't go down well with her followers, although some did argue it was still better than a text messages. So there's that.

Another wisely advised: "I’ve given up dating during the pandemic. Better to wait until we can see people lie to our face."