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On this Day

0030 - Jesus of Nazareth was crucified.

1952 - Mr. Potato Head became the first toy to be advertised on network television.

1993 – The World Wide Web was born

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1953 Merrill Osmond 67 and Soldier and fundraiser Capt Tom Moore is 100

Today is 

“Bugs Bunny Day”, Bugs made his debut in a cartoon called “Porky’s Hare Hunt.” on this date in 1938. Perhaps the reason people don’t recognize Bugs from that early cartoon is that he was credited as “Happy Rabbit.”

Beat the Kettle Question

‘Getting to Know You’ is one of the best known songs from which musical?

Answer   The King and I

Our Survey Sez

We spend almost 40 hours a year staring at this. What is it?

Answer : The inside of your fridge! 

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Use your eyes to see the possibilities, not the problems

Wacky Fact

LEGO has an underground vault containing every LEGO set ever made.


3’s A Crowd

Once again thanks to the film companies we've got some great can’t buy in the shops movie souvenirs from films which have just been released in DVD - All handy stuff as well

Win a very stylish red hoodie from the film My Spy

Nine-year-old Sophie catches JJ, a hardened CIA operative, spying on her family during a routine surveillance operation. In exchange for not blowing his cover, JJ begrudgingly agrees to show the precocious girl how to become a spy

Today’s words        Cup     Bowl   Dish    Milk

In the News today

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair a cabinet meeting later and then lead the daily coronavirus briefing for the first time since his return to work.

US President Donald Trump has said China "will do anything they can" to make him lose his re-election bid, stepping up his criticism of Beijing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Captain Tom Moore, who raised more than £29m for the NHS by walking laps of his garden, has been made an honorary colonel on his 100th birthday.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

The Hogan family reunites in Blood (Channel 5), Ross Kemp visits the NHS frontline for ITV and more seasoned celebrities including Hollywood legend Britt Ekland and kids TV legend Paul Chuckle pop off to India in The Real Marigold Hotel (BBC1)


Day 38 of the UK lockdown


A train named after Captain Tom Moore in honour of his fundraising achievements during the Covid-19 crisis, goes into service. The Great Western Railway (GWR) intercity express train 800025 will go into service carrying its new name today, Captain Tom's 100th birthday.


Captain Tom Moore turns 100 today. He's raised around £30 million for the NHS after completing 100 laps of his garden in Bedfordshire. He’ll be getting an RAF fly-past. Captain Tom also has the Number One spot on the UK Singles Chart with a fundraising cover of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, accompanied by singer Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir.


Alexander and Wilfred are the top contenders for the name of Boris Johnson's new son, according to bookmakers.

Coral has Alexander as the 3-1 favourite, while Ladbrokes has gone for Wilfred with 5-1 odds.

Winston is also proving popular amid speculation the Prime Minister will name his child after his hero Winston Churchill.

Coral’s tips

Alexander 3-1

James 4-1

George 5-1

Phillip 6-1

Stanley 12-1

Matthew 14-1

Joseph 16-1


Thousands of Brits are turning to online chess to help beat self-isolation fatigue.

It's proving so popular, leading websites and apps have reported sign up increases of 400 per cent.

Chess.com who have more than 1.5 million UK members, say the number of people registering to play has been “bonkers” with thousands joining each day.

A campaign to get one million children playing chess during lockdown has also launched by Chess in Schools and Communities.

Parents are now being encouraged to add chess to homeschooling plans to help children stay mentally focused while schools stay closed across Britain


The UK's first virtual barber has opened to offer customers a £15 trim by linking clients with stylists who can guide them through cutting their hair on a video call.

Entrepreneurs Jereon Sibia and Dan Silvertown both from London, decided to launch the Lockdown Haircut service after Dan suffered a bad cut after attempting to follow a YouTube tutorial.

Lockdown Haircut clients in need of a DIY trim are asked to bring a pair of clippers, as well as a comb, to their virtual 20 minute appointment, when they are connected with a professional barber who guides them through their trim over video call.

Each session costs £15, with £7.50 for the barber's time and a proportion of sales going towards helping NHS workers to fight coronavirus.

Since the virtual barber shop opened on Monday 20, they have averaged 20 appointments per day and have raised £2,000 for the NHS, with people even roping in family members and flatmates to give them a hand with their chops.


Hundreds of pasties were strewn across th junction of a main road after a lorry crashed into the back of a delivery van.

A HGV collided into the broken down pasty van on the westbound junction 1 of the A50, near Castle Donington, Leicestershire yesterday morning.

Despite the large dent in the back of the pasty-stuffed truck, Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit confirmed there were no injuries and tweeted out a picture of the crash.

The lorry was heading down the junction when it drove into the back of the broken-down vehicle and caused it to turn on its side and release all the baked goods and crates from inside.

You feel for the van driver he was only trying to earn his crust in these difficult times.


British consumers incorrectly believe chocolate, bread & pizza are 'superfoods', it's claimed.

A study of 2,000 adults claims only a third could confidently define whether a food was considered to be 'super' - with more than one in twenty believing fizzy drinks fit into the category.

Curry (six per cent), cake (six per cent) and even beer (six per cent) are also among the items wrongly thought of as superfoods.

But less than half were aware that spinach and kale fit into the super food group, while just 10 per cent thought the same of goats' milk.


Tomatoes (23 per cent)

Kidney beans (21 per cent)

Almond milk (18 per cent)

Olives (18 per cent) Peas (16 per cent)

Coconut milk (15 per cent)

Yogurt (15 per cent)

Soya milk (14 per cent)

Rye (13 per cent)

Wheat (13 per cent)

Turnip (12 per cent)

Cow's milk (11 per cent)

Pasta (9 per cent)

Chocolate (8 per cent)

Pizza (7 per cent)

Burgers (7 per cent)

Salted peanuts (7 per cent)

Bread (7 per cent)

Biscuits (6 per cent)

Sweets (6 per cent)

Doughnuts (6 per cent)

Cake (6 per cent)

Fizzy drinks (5 per cent)


You need Spinach Kale Broccoli Quinoa Fish Brussels sprouts Cabbage Cauliflower  


The average British consumer will get through 242 plastic bottles, 109 single-use coffee cups and 209 crisp packets each year.

Research of 2,000 UK adults revealed the typical person's annual rubbish waste also includes 378 snack wrappers, 251 cans, and 374 cardboard boxes or paper packets annually.


Post /junk mail - 349

Magazines /newspapers - 214

Single-use coffee cups - 109

Plastic bottles - 242

Drinks cartons /Tetra paks for juice /milk - 195

Foil crisp packets - 209

Plastic yoghurt pots/ pudding pots - 241

Drinks cans - 251 • Glass bottles/ jars - 215

Cardboard packaging - 374

Corrugated cardboard packaging / larger cardboard boxes - 260

Snack wrappers - 378

Plastic trays for things like meat, vegetables, fruit punnets, tray of biscuits - 317

Plastic wrapping around things like meat, fruit, vegetables – 358

Cleaning clothes/ sponges – 10

 Cleaning product spray bottles - 9

Shampoo/ conditioner bottles - 10

Body wash soap bottles - 9 • Cardboard tubes - 20

Tubes of toothpaste - 9

Toothbrushes - 6

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Steve Shaw playing Mamas & Papas - California Dreamin'

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