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On this Day

1908 - The Old age pension for those over 70 was introduced by Prime Minister Asquith.

1928 - The UK lowered the age that women could vote from 30 to 21.

1941 - The British captured the Enigma coding machine in a key moment in World War 2 which allowed the Allies to understand German messages.

And one year older today Norman Whiteside, born this day 1965  Northern Irish ex-Footballer, played for Man United and Everton before his career was ended by injury at the age of 26 (55) 

Today is 

Day 45 of the UK lockdown

It’s that time of the week again – Clap For Carers at 8pm tonight.

Beat the Kettle Question

In fashion, what is a very thin stripe called?

Answer. Pinstripe

Our Survey Sez

47% of employers won’t hire you if you do this. What is it?

Answer:   Post drunken pictures on social media

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

The best thing about hard times is you get to see everyone's true colours.

Wacky Fact    

You’re more likely to have a ‘female’ brain if your right thumb is on top when you clasp your hands together.

TV Tunes - Name the Show!

How well do you remember some of the nation’s favourite shows of the 70’s and 80’s

It’s just for fun but just after 8 I’ll play some bars of a well known TV tune that you are bound to know - call us on 01702 893031 and name the show!

In the News today

Boris Johnson will review the UK's coronavirus lockdown with his cabinet later, after suggesting some rules could be eased from Monday.

Thousands of private renters who have lost their jobs could be facing eviction when the coronavirus lockdown ends, the government has been warned.

Fear of catching coronavirus on public transport has helped lead to a boom in cycle-to-work schemes.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

Lily faces a final showdown in Devs (BBC2), David Tennent is in the host’s chair (well he’s in his own chair) for Have I Got News For You (BBC1) and there’s another chance to see what Michael Palin makes of North Korea, and what North Korea makes of him. (Channel 5)


A recent survey found 33 per cent of people admitted to having a cheeky scroll on their partner’s device every day, with 39 per cent checking every other day.

Out of all the people quizzed, seven per cent denied ever spying on their other half.


The final Supermoon of 2020 will be six per cent bigger than normal tonight – have a look in the sky around 8.45pm


A study of 2,000 homeowners has revealed what transforms four walls into a homely space, with their own bed topping the list according to 65 per cent.

1. Sleeping in your own bed

2. Family photos

3. Your own spot on the sofa

4. The memories made in the home

5. A fridge full of food

6. A bookshelf filled with your books

7. The smell of freshly cooked food

8. Freshly washed bedsheets

9. The location of the house

10. Natural light

11. Plants

12. A dining table

13. Your children in the house

14. Fresh towels

15. Flowers in vases

16. Candles

17. A fireplace

18. Having the bed made

19. A large TV

20. Blankets and throws

21. Children's paintings on the wall

22. Artwork

23. Hosting dinners for friends and family

24. A large wardrobe with clothes hung up

25. A dressing table with your belongings like jewellery and makeup

26. Shoes by the front door

 27. Fridge magnets

28. Children's toys in the house

29. A TV in the bedroom

30. A doormat

31. Cook books in the kitchen

32. Lots of storage

33. A bedside table setup

 34. A rug

35. Newly painted walls

36. Memorabilia like festival tickets on display

37. Matching kitchen appliances

38. Matching furniture in each room

39. A certain air freshener scent

40. A big wall mirror


Colonel Tom Moore said he was 'very proud' after being bestowed with a gold Blue Peter badge for his astonishing fundraising efforts for the NHS.

The war veteran, who walked 100 laps of his garden, has raised almost £33million by the time he celebrated his 100th birthday last week.

He was appointed as an honorary colonel on his big day while a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flypast of a Spitfire and a Hurricane was organised by the RAF to mark his efforts.

The gold badge is Blue Peter's highest accolade and famous recipients include the Queen, Sir David Attenborough and Mary Berry.

Only a handful are presented each year to outstanding individuals who have achieved something extraordinary in their field; who are considered to be role models; and who encourage and motivate children across many generations.

Presenter Lindsey Russell enlisted the help of Tom's grandchildren, Benji and Georgia, in order to surprise him with the badge and to comply with social distancing measures.

Colonel Tom said: 'That's absolutely amazing, thank you very much. I am very proud to receive it because I have always been a great follower of Blue Peter – I remember the elephant, which is quite a few years ago now!


Mums have been warned they could be slapped with a whopping £5,000 fine if their kids pick wildflowers on their daily walks.

With the UK in lockdown due to coronavirus a walk is one of the few approved exercises, but it could leave parents out of pocket if children gather flowers – including daffodils and bluebells – from forbidden areas.

Now spring has sprung flowers are emerging in woods, roadsides and parks, but it could be illegal to pick them under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and the Theft Act of 1968.

Experts from Gardening Express revealed most flowers growing in council parks are strictly off-limits, as well as plants from council-maintained nature reserves, verges, roundabouts and protected land.

They say : “You are allowed to pick flowers which are not privately owned or critically endangered – but only one in every twenty, and only from patches where there are lots of flowers, so you leave plenty for others to enjoy.


Helping colleagues when you don't need to, never missing a deadline - and volunteering to do more are signs you are a 'hard worker'.

Other signs you're impressing your boss include having a comprehensive to-do list, getting in early and staying late, and offering to go to endless meetings

Hardest jobs

1. Nurse

2. Doctor

3. Paramedic

4. Police officer

5. Firefighter

6. Surgeon

7. Healthcare worker

8. Bomb disposal engineer

9. Farmer

10. Prison warden

11. Social worker

12. Miner

13. Teacher

14. Care home assistant

15. Search and rescue worker

16. Hazardous waste removal worker

17. Builder

18. Oil / gas rig worker

19. Sewer cleaner

20. Asbestos removal operative


Signs of a hard worker


1. Helping colleagues when you don't need to

2. Always meeting deadlines

3. Volunteering for work

4. Always getting everything done on your to-do list

5. Getting through more work than anyone else

6. Getting in early

7. Staying late

8. Keeping a to-do list

9. Never procrastinating

10. Volunteering for meetings  


Forget stockpiling loo roll, John Lewis has revealed that we're settling into more leisurely spending habits, with cocktail ingredients, exercise equipment and pasta-making machines enjoying a surge in popularity.

Shopping analysis by John Lewis and Waitrose suggests coronavirus-related fears are still a major concern.

One of the biggest increases in sales has been elastic for making face masks – a massive 1,430 per cent rise compared with last year. At the same time, sales of landline phones rose by 80 per cent amid fears that mobile networks and the internet would be overwhelmed.

But there has been a huge spike in sales of tequila – up 175 per cent – and cocktail liqueurs (78 per cent).

At the beginning of the lockdown, stores struggled to keep up with demand for pasta but many consumers now make their own. Sales of pasta-making machines are up 216 per cent on the same period last year.

Meanwhile, purchases of fitness equipment such as weights are up 496 per cent, yoga and pilates gear by 315 per cent and sports shoes by 72 per cent.

A survey by the retailers showed many have used video apps such as Zoom for a social life, with 20 per cent saying they have taken part in an online cocktail, drinks or dinner party, 37 per cent in a virtual pub quiz, and one in ten a video date.

Some 48 per cent are speaking more to relatives who do not live with them.