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On this Day

1889 – The children's charity the NSPCC was launched in London.

1940 - Britain's “Dad's Army”, The Home Guard was formed

1995   At 43 years, 162 days Manchester City goalkeeper John Burridge becomes the oldest player to appear in an EPL match, a 3-2 home defeat to Queens Park Rangers

Another year older today Olly Murs, singer, X Factor finalist in 2009  Born this day 1984  36  

Today is 

International Dylan Thomas Day

Beat the Kettle Question

Ocular Coloboma is a condition affecting which organs?

Answer   Eyes

Our Survey Sez

1-in-10 couples say they often do THIS separately.

Answer: Grocery shopping. 

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want.

Wacky Fact     

Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975 but kept it a secret, fearing it would jeopardize photographic film sales.


TV Tunes - Name the Show! 

How well do you remember some of the nation’s favourite shows of the 70’s and 80’s

It’s just for fun but just after 8 I’ll play some bars of a well known TV tune that you are bound to know - call us on 01702 893031 and name the show!

In the News today

The coronavirus "may never go away", the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned.

Re-starting NHS services could take many months, experts say.

The chancellor has said it is "very likely" the UK is in a "significant recession", as figures show the economy contracting at the fastest pace since the financial crisis.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

The Great British Menu (BBC2) finals get to the desserts! Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team catch up with the residents of Veterans' Street (BBC1) and Charlie Brooker’s Antiviral Wipe (BBC2) looks at the state we’re in.


We Clap For Carers again at 8 this evening.

Whilst we’re all doing our bit by staying at home, tonight we’ll take a couple of minutes to applaud those who can't stay home – because they’re out fighting against coronavirus.

Whether it’s those working in the NHS, or any of the key workers keeping the country moving, we want them to know how much the work they’re doing means to us.

So tonight, we open our front doors and windows, stand on your doorstep and put our hands together to Applaud The NHS & Our Frontline Heroes on Day 52 of the UK lockdown


What makes you want to kiss someone?

A “Glamour” poll finds the qualities that most often lead to a kiss are:

Good looks

A winning smile

A positive attitude

Nice lips & teeth.


The ability to hug family and friends is top of the list of what the nation is looking forward to once lockdown ends.

Two thirds are missing physical contact above all else, with going to the pub or on holiday joint second.

And one in five of the new army of home workers revealed seeing colleagues again is a high priority.

According to a study by insurer Ageas, despite the chance of a later start and more time to pursue hobbies, it is the office buzz and gossip that has left millions yearning to get back to the workplace.

The study also found, even though there is no commute to worry about, a third are starting work earlier while more than a quarter are using their travelling time to exercise.

A quarter have used the extra hours to take up a new hobby or skill but most said they wished they could spend that time with loved ones.

And the poll of 2,000 adults revealed once lockdown was over, half would appreciate the outdoors more, a third said they would value supermarket staff and delivery drivers and a quarter pledged to be kinder.


Heinz has released a special "ketchup" flavoured jigsaw. It's just red!

The food company announced the news to their Instagram and told fans it "might be the slowest puzzle on earth" - quite the statement.

In aid of the brand's 57 different sauce varieties, there are 570 pieces to the puzzle, which are all red.

The brand created a giveaway, offering 57 lucky fans the chance to win one of these puzzles, which has since closed - hopefully they'll consider selling them online soon enough!


A woman has revealed on Twitter the moment she returned to work….and found her 9 week old snack in her drawer!

The woman, slowly pulled back the door underneath her desk to reveal a badly decomposed banana to discover that the yellow outer skin of the banana had turned black and the fruit had shrunk as it began to break down.

Fortunately for the office worker, the decaying fruit inside the banana was still sealed inside its skin and had not yet oozed out.

The office worker admitted the banana had spent the past nine weeks locked in the drawer.

She later wrote: 'Safe to say it's deed.'

It could still be used for banana bread.


British Naturism has reported a 100 per cent increase in members since the pandemic began and Instagrammers with a passion for stripping off have been sharing images of themselves baking, sunbathing and doing yoga while in the comfort of their own homes.

A spokesperson for the organisation, which promotes the practice of taking clothes off for better well-being, said that 'social isolation has caused an explosion in naked living' and people are also opting for no clothes for practical reasons too - including saving on laundry.

This Saturday, 16th May, sees The Great British Take-Off, which hopes to encourage people to take off their clothes and try naturism for the first time

On Instagram, naturism ambassador Pam Fraser highlighted the merits of disrobing during the pandemic, saying: 'Can I stay in lockdown forever? I’m loving not having to get dressed every morning. Plus I have like zero washing to do.'