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On this Day

1948 - The first Polaroid camera was sold

1989   The Game Boy handheld video game device was released

2016 - The legendary artist Prince died at his Paisley Park residence. He was just 57.

Today’s Celebrity Birthday was born on this day 1926 – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom - The Queen to you and me (94)

Today is 

World Creativity and Innovation Day

UK National Tea Day - Celebration of Britain's national drink.

Beat the Kettle Question

Who was known as ‘The Pioneer of Plywood’?

Answer   Alfred Nobel   Yes! He of Nobel Prize fame, he also invented dynamite.

Our Survey Sez

According to a “Good Housekeeping” poll, more than half of us still have one of THESE in the house.

Answer: VCR.

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

In life, many things don't go according to plan. If you fall, get back up. If you stumble, regain your balance. Never give up.

Wacky Fact

There are 1459 people in Peru named after Star Wars characters.

3’s A Crowd

This week we’ve found some very useful stuff to give away on 3’s A Crowd all related to films that have recently been released on DVD  - We’re managing to find supplies.

This morning you can win a book bag and wash bag celebrating the film Booksmart!

Today’s words        Building     Camp    Nest   Web

In the News today

NHS supplies of face masks could be put at risk if the government starts advising the public to wear them, hospital bosses have warned.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is reported to be gravely ill in hospital after undergoing surgery for an undisclosed condition.

US President Donald Trump has announced he will sign an executive order to temporarily suspend all immigration to the US to fight the coronavirus.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

Video diaries tell us what is really going on with our key workers while we’re in lockdown in A Very British Lockdown (ITV). Kush is keeping a secret in Eastenders (BBC1) and Kelly Osbourne meets Vyvian from the Young Ones…..kind of. Dinner party fun with I’ll Get This (BBC2).


Big Word Day, a day to use humongous words on purpose just to impress yourself.   Find a big word for any word here …  www.bigwords.com/bigwordsm    …but remember:  Never use a large word when a diminutive one will suffice


Day 29 of the UK lockdown


99-year-old Captain Tom Moore – who’s raised millions for the NHS – is the guest-of-honour as he helps open the new Royal Nightingale Hospital in Harrogate, North Yorkshire (remotely of course). It’s possible the hospital will never be used though – as even the one in London, which has 4-thousand beds, has had only handfuls of patients.


The Queen celebrates her 94th birthday in isolation at Windsor Castle. Celebrations will be more muted than in previous years as the country remains in lockdown, and there will be no gun salute. It will be the first time in her 68-year reign there’s no salute.


Tying shoelaces, using cutlery and whistling are the hardest things to teach young children.

A study of 2,000 parents has revealed the skills they have found, or are finding, trickiest to pass on she they deal with tantrums, short attention spans and spending so much time indoors.

30 of the hardest things to teach children.

1. Tying shoelaces

2. Whistling

3. Eating with cutlery

4. Riding a bike

5. How to tell the time

6. Buttoning a button

7. How to swim

8. Brushing their teeth

9. Trying different foods

10. Writing their name

11. Putting toys away

12. How to blow your nose

13. Tying up hair

14. Getting dressed

15. Washing hair

16. Making a bed

17. Putting dirty clothes in a laundry basket

18. Learning parents'/home phone number

19. Colouring inside the lines

20. Learning to tell your left from right

21. Sharing things with other children

22. How to count money

23. Zipping a zip

24. Using a potty / toilet

25. How to cross the road safely

26. Learning their home address

27. Adding numbers

28. Doing a forward roll

29. Counting to 20

30. Swinging on a park swing


A man has decided to open up a 25-year-old tin of Spider-Man pasta.

The man, named Matt, runs a website called Dinosaur Dracula, which is dedicated 1980s toys, 1990s candy, holidays, horror movies and more.

Matt had the tin of pasta, from 1995 and decided to take a look inside and show off the contents, if enough people were interested.

In a post on Twitter, he wrote: "I have a wildly corroded can of Spider-Man Pasta from 1995. And if this gets 1995 retweets, I’ll show you what’s inside."

Unsurprisingly, a great deal of people were interested and the post went viral, garnering over 14,000 likes and more than 5,000 retweets.

Matt shared pictures of himself undoing the rusty tin, before showing off the rotten chunk of what used to be pasta.


A television journalist has accidentally filmed her husband naked in the shower during a segment on how to cut hair while quarantining at home.

Melinda Meza, a correspondent for KCRA 3 in Sacramento, has gone viral for the x-rated mistake after it was spotted by viewers.

Her husband's reflection could be seen in the mirror.

In the clip, Melinda can be seen stood in her bathroom at home, in front of a sink and two mirrors.

She demonstrates to people at home how she trims her own fringe, before signing off.

However, eagle-eyed people watching the show couldn't help but notice the reflection of a naked man in one of the mirrors behind her, with many presuming it to be her husband, Mike de Lambert.


Swedish retail giant, IKEA have put out instructions for making the meatballs they serve in their restaurants… and it's fair to say the six-step method looks easier than putting together a piece of their flat pack furniture.

Speaking about the recipe, IKEA’s Country Food Manager Lorena Lourido said: "We know that some people might be missing our meatballs, which is why we’ve released an at-home alternative which, using easily accessible ingredients, will help those looking for some inspiration in the kitchen.

"Staying at home can be hard, but we want to help make everyone’s lives that little bit easier and more enjoyable. Bon appétit or, smaklig måltid, as we say in Sweden!"

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