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On this Day

1926 - Thomas Edison spoke on the radio for the first time.

1974 - Erno Rubik invented the puzzle what would later become known as the Rubik's Cube.

2018 The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan is held at St George’s Chapel Windsor with an estimated global audience of 1.9 billion.

Another year older today Pete Townsend of the Who born this day 1945 He’s 75 today.

Today is 

 St Dunstan’s Day (patron of blacksmiths, goldsmiths, jewellers & locksmiths)

Beat the Kettle Question

Which character has Barbara Knox played for over 45 years?

Answer    Rita Fairclough

Our Survey Sez

 You are more likely to experience THIS if you’re married than if you’re single.

Answer: Heartburn.

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand, but you don't.

Wacky Fact     

The original purpose behind having bridesmaids in a wedding was to confuse evil spirits or those who wished to harm the bride.

TV Tunes - Name the Show!

How well do you remember some of the nation’s favourite shows of the 70’s and 80’s

It’s just for fun but just after 8 I’ll play some bars of a well known TV tune that you are bound to know - call us on 01702 893031 and name the show!

In the News today

Everyone aged five and over in the UK with symptoms can now be tested for coronavirus, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced.

Surprise inspections, GPS tracking and video analysis are methods that could be used to ensure clubs adhere to new safety guidance as they prepare for the resumption of the Premier League.

Celtic have been confirmed as Scottish champions for the ninth season in a row and Hearts have been relegated after the SPFL ended the season.

Tonight’s TV Highlights

The gaffer has problems when he finds out just how many of his squad could play for him in Harry’s Heroes: Euro Having A Laugh (ITV), Callum is inspired on EastEnders (BBC1) and we go behind the scenes at Best Western looking at A Very British Hotel Chain (Channel 4).


 Day 57 of the UK lockdown


Following a vote yesterday, Premier League clubs are back training from today - but players will only be allowed to work in groups of five. Players at some clubs were already back training individually, but they will now be allowed to work together in small groups as long as social distancing rules are followed.


The Chelsea Flower Show, which was supposed to be running this week, takes place this week. The online version will feature daily tips from leading experts, while gardening personalities will provide a tour of their own private gardens.


Strictly Come Dancing has reportedly 'axed the Blackpool and group dances' features this year in a desperate bid to continue the Flagship show through the coronavirus pandemic.

The eagerly anticipated 2020 series had been thrown into question when the UK went into lockdown in March to try and stop the spread of COVID 19 with new social distancing rules.

BBC bosses are now considering removing some key features of the show in order to protect those taking part so that the show can keep going to its 18th series.

"It will be a very different show this year. A lot of the things fans love have been dropped," a source has claimed.

"Group dances and a studio audience just can’t happen with social distancing. Cancelling the Blackpool weekend was not an easy decision. But doing it in the current climate is too difficult. It isn’t worth doing if there won’t be a crowd,’ the source has said


Price is still what matters the most to British holidaymakers when considering future travel, a new survey has revealed.

In a poll of UK adults, 29 per cent named price as the number one factor when booking future holidays while only 19 per cent chose safety of the destination.

Meanwhile, less than five per cent said they would wait until there is a coronavirus vaccine to travel again, with 40 per cent saying they aim to make their own judgments on when it is safe.

The research, carried out by Skyscanner, also found that 41 per cent of travellers would be persuaded to travel with providers who have 'superior hygiene and cleanliness levels'.


Whether it's varying your route to the shops, trying a new exercise, or going for a walk during lockdown, visiting more places and getting new and varied experiences could be the key to happiness, a new study reveals.


Making decisions based on a flip of a coin could lead to a happier life, according to research.

They found that tossing a coin when making a tough call brings more satisfaction with that decision - with higher overall happiness six month down the line


Half of Brits plan to continue their new-found habits and activities in life after lockdown - including creating podcasts, online fitness classes and walking more often.

A study of 2,000 adults found 43% feel they have 'changed their ways for the better' and plan to continue with their improved behaviours even after the restrictions are lifted.

Technology has proven to be the cornerstone of these new habits, with half saying they couldn't live without their laptops, 64% wouldn't manage without their mobile phone and 57% couldn't do without their TV.

This is due to watching more TV series and films with loved ones or learning a language online while stuck at home.

Starting their own podcast, editing videos and even learning to code are also among some of the skills to be continued after being picked up in recent weeks.

It also emerged a fifth plan on sleeping more than they did before when life returns to normal while one in 10 will look to get more guidance from YouTube tutorials.

The research revealed that since social distancing began, video calls have become a primary method of keeping in touch with friends and loved ones - with 45% talking to family and friends MORE than they did before social distancing.


An innovative priest has served his congregation… by spraying them with a squirt gun filled with holy water.

Father Tim Pelc of St Ambrose Parish said churchgoers “squealed with delight” when they saw his solution to a socially distanced service, but the hilarious snaps are only now blowing up online to the delight of social media users.

The photos were taken five days ago, during Holy Week.

Father Pelc was worried about how to continue with Easter traditions despite the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “I thought, what could I do that would keep the quarantine restrictions going and give kids the experience of Easter?”

After consulting with a doctor to check it was safe, Father Pelc unveiled his genius idea.

“They all squealed in delight,” he said. “Part of what I do is help make memories for the future.”