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1954    Roger Bannister, a 25-year-old British medical student, became the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes.

1960   Princess Margaret marries the photographer, Anthony Armstrong Jones, at Westminster Abbey

1994   The Queen and France's President Francois Mitterrand formally opened the Channel Tunnel during two elaborate ceremonies in France and Britain

And one year older today Tony Blair is 67 today Born this day 1953!

Today is 

First Wednesday in May

Day 127 of 2020

Beat the Kettle Question

What was the collection of children’s stories published in 1697 by French poet Charles Perrault called?

Answer    “Tales of Mother Goose

Our Survey Sez

3 out of 5 of us are embarrassed by this! What is it?

Answer  Their homes!

Inspirational Quote of the Morning  

Kindness is love made visible.

Wacky Fact     

Termites eat wood twice as fast when listening to heavy metal music.


TV Tunes - Name the Show!

How well do you remember some of the nation’s favourite shows of the 70’s and 80’s

It’s just for fun but just after 8 I’ll play some bars of a well known TV tune that you are bound to know - call us on 01702 893031 and name the show!


In the News today

Most firms reckon they could be ready to restart business with just three weeks' notice.

Restarting sport in Britain would "lift the spirits of the nation" amid the coronavirus crisis, foreign secretary Dominic Raab said.

The Queen has told Australian premier Scott Morrison she is "so pleased" at the country's success in fighting Covid-19

Tonight’s TV Highlights

Yasmeen reflects on her relationship from the confines of a cell in Coronation Street (ITV), it’s Pattern Week on the Great British Sewing Bee (BBC1) and we hear from the people on the frontline working to save lives on the essential NHS Heroes: Fighting To Save Our Lives (Channel 4).


If you want to increase your chances of a smooth first date, meet for drinks.

That’s what 44% of people think is the best option as a venue for getting to know someone.

Having dinner is 2nd on the list, followed by taking in a movie, and participating in an outdoor activity like hikin


A rare Christmas card featuring the signature of both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip has been revealed to be the world's most valuable autograph of a living person.

Paul Fraser Collectables have revealed this year's list of the world's most valuable living autographs, where the Queen's signature is on the top, estimated at £4,500.

The black and white photograph shows a young Queen posing alongside five-year-old Prince Charles and two-year-old Princess Anne in 1954, and makes up the front of the family Christmas card.

Protocol forbid royals signing autographs on personal correspondence, making the 1954 family card even rarer.


1. Elizabeth II: £4,500

2. Prince William (signature): £3,500

3. Paul McCartney: £2,950

4. JK Rowling (signed book): £2,750

5. Prince Harry (signature): £1,750


Worried lockdown employees estimate they are forking out more than £70-a-month extra to work from home.

The study of 2,000 adults found many are concerned about how much it is costing them on energy bills, food, printing supplies - and tea bags.

Energy costs are the biggest worry for four in 10 adults, who dread to think how high these bills will be by the time lockdown is over.

The average worker is convinced it costs £10.90 per week - or £43.60-a-month - to power a home-based office.

The study, conducted via OnePoll, found 73 per cent of adults are so worried about the cost of working from home they are trying to be economical with their use of energy.


The NHS, space travel and Concorde have topped the list of the coolest things in the world, EVER.


1. The NHS

2. Space travel

3. Concorde

4. iPhones

5. Astronauts

6. Vinyl records

7. James Bond

8. Volcanoes

9. Artificial intelligence

10. E-Type Jag

11. Bullet Train

12. Music festivals

13. Dinosaurs

14. Driving a convertible car

15. Lamborghinis

16. Barack Obama

17. Video games

18. Helicopters

19. Fireworks

20. Being able to do a backflip

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