Helen meets Shane Filan

 Hello and hope you're well. Just in case you didn't the chance to hear my interview with the lovely Shane Filan formerly of Westlife or you even want to hear it again I thought I'd pop it up for you.

I have to say what an absolutely lovely man, it was a joy talking to him.

So enjoy as it's the full interview starting with his brand new single 'Everything to me'; a little chat where Shane talks about his life, his new sole career and what it's like performing on his own after being in a band for so long. 
He also talks about his relationship & friendship with manager Louis Walsh.

Then we had the pleasure of Shane performing live in the studio the song 'Once' from his forthcoming EP which will be released on August 25th and of course after that I had to get on to the subject of football as Shane is a massive Manchester United fan & WHAT team are we playing first in the premier league on August 17th? Yep Man U!