Helen's 7 Day Detox - Day 1

HI there & welcome along to my week of detox.

I've decided to try out Tara Hammett's 7 Day Detox plan.

The official start for her detox is next Monday May 26th but I am trying it out so if you do fancy giving it go why not get in touch with Tara via her Facebook page.

I will be following Tara's recipes all this week & keep you updated with photos & video blogs.

This is the start of my day where the first thing I do when I get up is have a mug of hot water with lemons & then a nice walk.

Then it was breakfast after a nice shower & there is plenty of choices so if you don't like one thing you can choose from Tara's lengthy recipes.



I had the Berry Green Smoothie, which was a mix of raspberries, avocado, spinach, cucumber & a touch of cinnamon. There was lots of it & it was different from anything I've had. I think this kind of smoothie is more about the goodness you're putting into your body.





For lunch I had more avocado along with red pepper, lemon juice with celery.

A very yummy Easy Avocado




I caught up with Tara during my show today & here is another chance to hear our chat & get her daily tip


Click here for Tara's Tip


I had Tara's recipe for Lemon Baked Cod with Broccoli & Cauli Mash but I have to add that Tara's presentation looked a lot better than mine but it tasted great.


That's it for today & I'll catch up with you tomorrow x






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