Helen's 7 Day Detox Day 2 - May 20th

Hi there it’s day 2 of my 7 Day Detox with TV’s fitness & nutrition expert Tara Hammett.

Before I let you know how it’s going it was day 1 of a brand new What am I today & here are the clues

1: I am edible

2: I am a cousin to an onion

The guesses today were lots of leeks, garlic or shallots & I am not any of those. More clues tomorrow




Well on my second day & after my lemon tea, walk & shower I made a breakfast of a poached egg over asparagus. It was really tasty.











I have to say what has amazed me today is making my lunch of broccoli & black pepper soup. I’ve never really made a soup for myself. I’ve made chunky stews. In the soup is a mix of coconut oil with turmeric, onions & garlic & I blended it.

I couldn’t believe how tasty it was.

It’s just too easy to open up a can of soup but spending time doing this is telling yourself you’re worth more than just a can. It was seriously yummy. Can’t wait to try Tara’s other soups.



To stop myself getting hungry in work I made a massive salad & brought a tub with me with some almonds for a little bit of energy.




I also had another catch up with Tara & here’s another chance to hear her daily tip in case you missed it earlier.


Tonight I made Tara's Mushroom, spinach & asparagus omlette & my friend popped over & she loved it & so did I


I shall leave you with my daily video diary

Helen x






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