Helen's 7 Day Detox - Day 4 May 22nd

Hi there & hope you’re well today

It was Day 3 of the What am I today & it went to John in Penlan or should I say his other half Dot. Well done Dot clearly the brain in the outfit!

In case you’re wondering what I was it was ‘Asparagus’.

I shall be something completely different tomorrow


Today is day 4 of Tara Hammett’s 7 Day Detox & I have to say I don’t feel as tired as I did yesterday.


I was in a bit of a rush this morning so made myself 2 boiled eggs & didn’t have time to photograph them as ate them on the go. I know I should have got up earlier!

And just in case you really really want to see a photo, here’s a lovely photo of a boiled egg for you.





As today is a busy day for me I planned ahead & made extra curry last night to bring to work with me. I always find that curry tastes better the next day too. This is more of Tara’s Quinoa & Buckwheat curry with added tomatoes to cool it down as I did add an extra chilli yesterday.

(Follow the recipe – doh!!) I also added some salad. Yummy



Also if you missed it earlier here’s some more great advice from Tara Hammett


Here’s my snack for today. Each day I make a mammoth salad so if I get hungry I have something there. This is my mixed salad with almonds.


I shall add my tea & video blog later





Thought I’d add something from Metro to make you go WHAT!!!

A free massage after a day of sightseeing might sound too good to turn down, but what about if it involves some snakes to help you relax?

Tourists to Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines might think twice about the taking the ‘treatment’ when they see exactly what it involves.

Four giant Burmese pythons, weighing a combined 250kg, slither across those brave enough to get comfortable with the snakes on a bamboo bed.

The pythons, named Michelle, Walter, EJ and Daniel, are each fed around 10 chickens before the massage begins to help curb any hunger pains they might have.


Would you try it?