Helen's Blog - Friday February 21st 2014

Hi there & hope you doing today?

On the show today today it will be day 3 of the ‘What am I’ & here are the latest clues:

1: I am thought to be the oldest one of what I am in the world today

2: I am still in use today

3: It is thought that I have been around since the 13th century

 4: There is another one of me which claims to be the oldest one in the world

5: I’m in competition with a dragon

6: I am unique to where I’m from

Kids know how to amuse themselves

A video of a group of goats entertaining themselves by playing on a bendy metal shelter is going viral online.

More than 2.2million people have watched the clip, filmed in a farm field in France, on YouTube.

It shows the goats showing off amazing balancing skills as they perch precariously on the bendy sheet of metal.

And, even when one loses its footing and falls off, it manages to hop straight back on the flimsy structure.

"Goats know how to have a good time,"said one amused viewer.


Cover art for Love Changes Everything

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Steve Dewitt playing Climie Fisher - Love Changes Everything