Helen's Blog - Friday June 6th

Hi there & a happy Feel Good Friday to you.

Hope you’re well today.

On the show today it was day 6 of the ‘What am I’, as it didn't go it will be back on Monday & tune in for your chance to win a prize if you can guess what I am.

Here are the latest clues for you:

1: I have been around since the middle ages

2: There are antique versions of me

3: The Victorians loved me

4: I have a sole purpose

5: Some people collect me

6: You can even get famous versions of me

7: I was first found in Europe

8: I used to be a bird

9: Some people even wear me on their wrist

10: You wouldn't always wear me, probably most people don’t

11: A person in a certain profession would have lots of me

12: I have even be a doll



Just to give you a heads up I have amazing news next week if you are a fan of the greatest country singer of all time, Dolly Parton. I shall be giving away a copy of her brand new album every day. It’s called Blue Smoke & features the very best of Dolly.

I absolutely love Dolly so I’m very excited to be giving this away next week. Make sure you tune in & you could be winning a copy of her brand new CD



Now you may remember the other week I did TV’s fitness & nutrition expert Tara Hammett’s 7 day detox. Well I’ve bought a copy of her brilliant chocolate e-book with lots & lots of healthy desserts. So last night this was my attempt at her yummy Protein Coconut Balls.

They’re gone now!



It’s that time of year again where the Race For Life events are in our area. The Swansea event is Sunday July 27th at the Museum Green but I can’t believe the Llanelli one has come around so quickly. It’s a week Sunday on June 15th. It’s not too late to get involved ladies so sign up now & help fight cancer. You don't have to be superfit. You make it your race by running, jogging, walking even walking very slowly or dancing. The choice is yours. The route is wheelchair & dog friendly. I'd love you to come & join my team Hel’s Angels or any team by clicking on this link.



I loved this story that has made the news about the nun winning Italy’s version of The Voice

Sister Cristina Scuccia had become an internet sensation after her first appearance on the show.

She thanked God after her win, and said she was following the Pope's call for the church to forge closer links with ordinary people.

Here is the YouTube link to her winning performance