Helen's Blog - Friday May 16th 2014

Hi there & hope you’re well today & enjoying the fabulous sunshine

It was day 5 of the What am I today

Sadly it didn't go so here are all the clues from this week & I shall be adding more on Monday

1: I am named after someone famous

2: There is even a dance made about me

3: I am associated with a certain bear

4: I have a connection with Graceland

5: You can get me in all colours

6: There was even a TV series about me where I was magical

7: I have a long name & a shorter version

8: I have been around since the early 19th century

9: You can get me in with loads of different patterns

10: I am not to be confused with a pie

Along with some great music for your Feel Good Friday I shall be giving away the brand new CD The Collection by the legend that is Julio Iglesias.


Now as you know The Race For Life with Bassett Citroën & The Gym is happening soon.

The Llanelli one is on Sunday June 15th & the Swansea event is Sunday July 27th.


Yesterday I popped along to The Gym in Swansea & had a chat to one of the personal trainers Claire Hillen to get some tips on doing the Race For Life






Click here to hear my interview with Claire:



Make sure you sign up to this year’s event; you can either join my team ‘Hel’s Angels’ or one of the other teams but please sign up & let's kick cancer's butt!!


Click on this link to find out more: http://www.swanseasound.co.uk/race-for-life-2014-with-bassetts-citroen-and-the-gym-swansea/

Here I am trying to work out... yeah!




I had to show you this as I absolutely loved it

If you thought Hugh Laurie singing the blues was surprising then little Luca belting out the deep blues of Mississippi Delta will be a true revelation.

This two-year-old not only shows off his large set of lungs but also a budding talent on the Blues legend Little Walter’s favourite instrument, the harmonica.

This little chap requires no choreography classes as he has already perfected the required hip wiggle to make the crowd go wild.

Move over Chuck Berry, Luca is the next blue thing.