Helen's Blog - Friday May 2nd 2014 - The Top 20 Fashion Faux Pas

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As the weather is getting warmer I thought I would show you this from today's Daily Mail

These are the biggest summer fashion faux pas

Socks with sandals, streaky fake tan and snug swimwear are named and shamed as the most common summer fashion faux pas

Other summer style mistakes include peeling sunburn and muffin tops


Swimwear that is too tight, small or saggy is a big no-no 

One in four confess they have committed a faux-pas themselves

Researchers who polled 2,000 Britons to uncover the top summer no-no's for both men and women found beer bellies, Union Jack shorts and thongs on the beach also made the top ten, whilst unsightly muffin tops, panda eyes and peeling sunburn were named and shamed in the list.

Additionally, the poll found wearing heavy make-up on the beach was named as a fail for women while dodgy suntan lines were on both men and women's 'What Not to Wear' list. 

Other common fashion clangers to occur in the hotter months include wearing high heels on a beach, a look favoured by the female cast of TOWIE, and men wearing miniscule swimming trunks, as seen on Peter Stringfellow.

Getting a skirt or dress caught up in knickers and a saggy swimsuit were also named as a sight for sore eyes.

And when it came to men's holiday wardrobes wearing a baseball cap backwards and sporting tattoos on legs were deemed the height of uncool.

1. Socks and sandals

2. Streaky fake tan

3. Swimwear that's too small

4. Beer belly

5. Union Jack shorts


6. Thongs

7. Dodgy tan lines

8. Heavy make-up on the beach

9. Skirt tucked into knickers 

10. Peeling sunburn

11. Sunburn

12. Muffin tops

13. Panda eyes

14. Saggy swimsuit




15. Heels with a bikini

16. Skimpy swimming trunks

17. A cap worn back to front

18. See through cover-ups or swimwear

19. Tattoos on legs

20. Swimwear sitting too low on the waist



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