Helen's Blog - Friday May 30th 2014

Hello there!

On the show today it’s the final day of your chance to win a family pass to Laserzone in Swansea. It was day 3 of the What am I & it's a rollover now until Monday. For your chance to win bowling tickets & all you have to do is guess what I am.

Here are the very latest clues:

1: I have been around since the middle ages

2: There are antique versions of me

3: The Victorians loved me

4: I have a sole purpose

5: Some people collect me

6: You can even get famous versions of me

The wrong answers I have had so far have been a smoking pipe; wig, corset, bed warmer, bible, umbrella & shoe horn.

I am very excited about this as on the show tomorrow (Saturday) I shall be giving away a pair of tickets to see one of my favourite people, the AMAZING Dawn French. It’s her brand new stand up show ‘Thirty Million Minutes’ in the Swansea Grand Theatre on 16th November 2014  It’s her first ever solo tour which is based on her life

Dawn is best known for appearing in French and Saunders, Jam and Jerusalem & the brilliant sitcom The Vicar of Dibley

Tickets on sale now at the Grand Theatre Swansea!


I shall leave you with something to make you go Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Could you do this?

One word that comes to mind is ‘nope.’

As in ‘no’, ‘no way’, and ‘not a chance in hell’.

Somehow these thoughts didn’t race through free climber James Kingston’s mind when he decided to make his way up the South Bank Tower, vault a huge gap and hang, one-handed, from a crane perched 490ft above the concrete.

Have a look, and try not to let vertigo set in.








Cover art for Eternal Flame

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Phil Hoyles playing Bangles - Eternal Flame