Helen's Blog - Friday May 9th 2014 - WAY UP HIGH TO WAY DOWN LOW

Hi there on the show today it is a big giveaway

I am delighted to give away another pair of tickets to see the legend that is Barry Manilow at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena & if that’s not enough you can also win tickets to the brilliant musical Dreamboats & Petticoats at the Grand Theatre. Make sure you tune in from 2pm today.

It will also be day 7 of the What am I & here are the latest clues:

1: The idea of me was first thought of post-World War 2

2: A prototype which was related to me was built in late 40s but I was kept as a secret by the military

3: I can go at different speeds

4: I was eventually invented in the mid-60s

5: I was made of wood when I was first invented

6: Sometimes some would say I was a bit rude in what I do, but I’m not! (I like to point a lot)

7: I would say I am now in most homes

8: You’d think I’d like a certain type of fruit

9: I’m a lot smaller now than when I first come out

10: I often drop things

11: Sometimes I have a laser

12: I work with something else

I thought I would show you two extremes today starting with this:


One of Chicago’s tallest buildings has unveiled an observation deck that lets tourists look not just out at the city - but down.

Not satisfied with just being 94 floors off the ground, TILT offers visitors to the John Hancock Center in the Windy City the chance to lean over the edge.

The eight-person enclosure slowly descends 30 degrees out over the side of the building with just 3/4 inch of plexiglass separating its users from a very long drop.

Long way down: 3/4in of glass prevents users from a 94-floor drop (Picture: 360 Chicago/Pixelpool)

‘Traditionally, visiting an observation deck has been a fairly passive experience where you go up to a floor, stand at the windows and take in the view,’ Nichole Williamson, general manager of 360 Chicago, which owns and operates the deck, told Today.

‘The idea came to us to introduce a sense of movement into the experience.’

William says the experience is designed to be thrilling, rather than terrifying.

This is from NBC News



Foodies can now become deep-sea diners… without the need for a mask and snorkel.

Ithaa – which means ‘mother of pearl’ – is the world’s only underwater restaurant, sitting 3m (10ft) below the Indian Ocean in the Maldives.

Its glass sculpture allows up to 14 people to select from a six-course luxury £190 menu including poached quail egg, Maldivian lobster carpaccio and saffron champagne risotto.

Owners Conrad Maldives Hotel, on Rangali Island, said it was ‘built to allow guests to enjoy the colour, clarity and beauty of the Indian Ocean without getting their feet wet’.

The £2.95million eatery has never had water inside; instead it was built on dry land in Singapore before workers lowered it into the ocean.

It weighs 175 tonnes, with another 85 tonnes of sand ballast to keep it down.

This is from CNN



Cover art for Take Me Home

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Ray Rose playing Joe Cocker - Take Me Home