Helen's Blog - Monday April 7th

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Hope you're well & have had a lovely weekend.

It will be day 5 of the What am I on the show today & here are the latest clues:

1: I made history

2: I was the first of my kind in the world

3: I was first used in the early 1800s

4: I have broken several world records

5: I’m a bit of a legend

6: In the early days where I worked it was a bit of a mare!

7: I have had 3 incarnations

8: I had a strong connection with French

9: I had a nickname at one point – half bird & half kid –

10: On a special (my 150) birthday local children had the day off to celebrate

11: There were often a lot of fights & injuries over me

12: People signed petitions over me


I'll also have the very latest news, sport, travel reports, showbiz & some fabulous music to keep you company this afternoon. Tune in from 2pm until 6pm today


It may be a so-called superfood but not many of us (apart from Gwyneth Paltrow) would pay £50 for a cabbage.

Jean and Graham Hudson thought nothing of their higher than normal Asda shopping bill until they got back to their car. They had been tempted into buying some extra biscuits and charitably bought food for a local food bank. But they soon discovered that instead of paying just 30p for the vegetable, Asda in Tipton, West Midlands, charged them £53.55.

‘We were at the checkout and my husband said the bill was a little steep, but I didn’t think anything of it to be honest,’ said Mrs Hudson, of nearby Sedgley.

‘It’s not unusual for us to spend a little more if there is a deal on. We had bought a few items for the Tipton food bank, some biscuits and coffee for my son.

‘We went back to the customer services and showed the lady my receipt. She was more shocked than I was.

‘Although I found the whole thing rather humorous, some people may not have noticed and could have paid over the odds. I wasn’t angry, more amused, it won’t stop me from going back there,’ added Mrs Hudson, 61.

Asda apologised, gave her a refund and a £2 voucher. The store said a system ‘glitch’ meant the cabbage was scanned at the wrong price.



Despite the Sheffield Half Marathon being cancelled moments before the start, thousands of runners disobeyed orders and decided to complete the race anyway.

In heart-warming and sometimes amusing scenes, the people of the Sheffield rallied behind the ‘rebel runners’ – handing out bottles of water and offering loud cheers and applause.

Organisers were ‘very reluctantly’ forced to cancel the race before its 9am start time because of ‘insufficient water’ being delivered by suppliers and a subsequent safety risk to runners. Police attempted to put up road blocks but were forced to remove them when they realised thousands of people were going to run regardless.

Reports suggested that one man ran past officers shouting: ‘Are you going to arrest me?!’ Meanwhile, members of the public handed out water and snacks along the route.

Later on, the organisers took to Twitter to apologise and explain that the water supplies had finally turned up… two hours late.

They then announced that anyone who finished the race would be given an official finish time (and a goody bag) – calling into question exactly how a ‘cancellation’ works.

It’s probably fair to say that the Sheffield Half Marathon will not be winning the awards for ‘Best organised running event of 2014’…



The Voice UK winner Jermain Jackman has discussed his "overwhelming" victory in the BBC One singing programme.

The 19-year-old became the show's first male winner when he was crowned the series 3 champion
 in Saturday night's final, fighting off competition from Sally Barker and Christina Marie. Jackman revealed that his victory had not yet sunk in and spoke excitedly of his plans for the future.

He said: "It's just been so overwhelming. It still hasn't hit me yet - just what happened last night, on stage and the partying, seeing all the other contestants of the whole series has been so overwhelming. 

"And having to go to bed late and then waking up early is something else, but I'm looking forward to working hard and getting all these things done."

He added: "It's going to be an experience that I'm going to cherish and going to love."

Londoner Jackman - a youth politician for the Labour Party - also explained why politics is so important to him, saying that he hopes to create change in his local community.

"Growing up you would see everything that's happening in your local community," he said. "You will see the lack of opportunities, you'll see the social injustice, you'll see the crime - and you want to have a role in that. 

"You want to have an impact in the change in that. You want the generation below you to grow in an environment that is better. 

"That's the whole thing why I got into politics, and I just joined my youth parliament and decided to do much more."

This is Jermain's duet with Will. I don't think it showed off Jermain's voice like his other performances but I just love the creativity of this song.

Cover art for You Keep It All In

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Steve Shaw playing Beautiful South - You Keep It All In