Helen's Blog - Monday February 17th 2014

HI there & hope you’ve had a good weekend. Well unless you’re a Swans fan. I was so disappointed they went out of the FA Cup yesterday but onwards & upwards!

It will be day 5 of the ‘What am I’ today & here are the latest clues:

1: I have roots

2: I am native to Europe & some parts of Asia

3: I am known around the world though

4: I am used a lot in Chinese traditional medicine

5: I am made into many different things

6: My name is derived from old French from a Greek name

7: I love valleys

8: I also like the sun

9: Too much of me isn’t too good for you

10: You have to harvest me

11: It takes around 2 to 3 years for me to grow

12: One of the things I am used in is bad for your health


I had to share this with you as it’s probably the best flash mob I have ever seen. It will warm your heart.


Cover art for Penny Lover

On Air

Late Night Love playing Lionel Richie - Penny Lover