Helen's Blog - Monday February 24th 2014

HI there & hope you’ve had a great weekend

I shamefully haven’t lifted a finger all weekend. All I’ve done is watch sport & eat.

But what a great weekend of sport it has been. Would have been even better with wins for the Swans & Opsreys.

On the show today will be day 4 of the ‘What am I’ & here are the latest clues:

1: I am thought to be the oldest one of what I am in the world today

2: I am still in use today

3: It is thought that I have been around since the 13th century

4: There is another one of me which claims to be the oldest one in the world

5: I’m in competition with a dragon

6: I am unique to where I’m from

7: I have a certain look

8: I am unique to a certain country

9: My look has never really changed since 13th century

10: I am red a lot

11: Many countries have followed me with their design

12: You could see me in a certain type of place in other countries

Thought I’d share this with you


Being common is sooo last year. Falling out of taxis, drunk, dopey and disorderly is to be banished if you want to be on-trend for the year ahead.

Hems are being lowered, while manners are rising. And the only parties you should be attending are dinner parties.

Take the test below - compiled by author of The Bluffer's Guide To Etiquette, William Hanson - to see if you are ready to cut it in polite society, or whether you need a little help...

William Hanson's top 5 tips to being a toff

1: Never say 'Pleased to meet you'. You may think you're being terribly nice saying this upon greeting a stranger, but those in the know will have mentally clocked you are not saying, 'How do you do?' If you don't know who they are, can you be sure you really are pleased to meet them?

2: Revise your handshake. The last time someone told you how to shake hands you were probably very young. Get a loved one to review your handshake honestly. Try to avoid being a wet fish or a bone crusher. People judge others on the quality of their handshake.

3: Abandon Pancake Day. For houses of quality, it's called Shrove Tuesday. Serve crêpes in the evening. Oh, and it's St Valentine's Day, also.

4: Avoid attending Facebook parties. If you are invited anywhere by Facebook, don't go. It won't be worth it and you'll probably be served beer in the bottle or wine that hasn't been decanted.

5: Pudding v Dessert. The final course of a dinner (and arguably the best one) is the pudding. Note, it is called the pudding, NOT 'dessert'. If you call your lemon posset with spun sugar basket a dessert when dining with the hoity toity, then you might as well prepare for a future dining at a Toby Carvery - where you can help yourself to the dessert buffet for the rest of eternity.



Personality really is more important than looks for women when it comes to marriage material, according to a study.

So for all those men who have struggled to find love so far, it's good news for the future.

Researchers found women look for a good character when choosing someone to tie the knot with, and don't mind a few physical impairments.

The US study followed 13,034 people and their relationships over 15 years, to the age of 34, and each participant was rated on looks, personality and grooming.

Men rated as having an above-average personality were found to be more likely to get married.

But it's not all bad news for the good looking ones, because they are more likely to live with their partner but remain unmarried, according to the study by University of Miami author Dr Michael French.

He also said more couples now see moving in together as a trial, rather than a commitment.





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